gm_chateau_renevated... chateau but not full of holes.

I decided to remake chateau but not with all the holes in walls, closed windows, etc.

Heres the shots of it so far.

Bomb site A with the bridge and balcony fixed.

Grand Hall 1

Grand Hall 2

Dining Room

Dont know wot to call this one. but its the bit between site A and the water.

The whole floor in this area was gone. Its above the room next to the grand hall.

Room to the side of grand hall (below the above shot)

Room next to library at CT spawn.

Library at CT spawn.

The room which had a whole going to water.

Bomb site B with all the roof, etc. fixed.

Room between B and the wine celler

Wine celler from top of stairs.

Wince celler from next to way in from T spawn.

Another angle of the wine celler.

View into tunnel from wine celler.

Any comments?

One word…Nice

Thats pretty impressive, all the textures are together with no join marks. The only thing that I see as being slightly wrong with it is that the stairs are still buggered but what-the-hey. God job.

Yes… This is very good. I can’t wait to see the end product.

I’ve announced my another map im working on.
its a de_tombstone_b3 remake. the thread and some teaser shots for it are here:

Are you going to fix the stairs?

Fix the stairs and it will be perfect. Trying adding secret areas like a door bookcase with secret passages all over the house!

Oh yes! This is good, really good! But yes, fix the stairs. Other than that it’s a tip-top map! I’m not too familiar with the original, but there was no doors in that right? Maybe that’s a thing for you to add?

Hope you’ll finish it soon!

nice but it was all the good things,these holes,it is not intresting to play without them

Fix the stairs! This would be great for comic makers! (Fraseir Dog)

streez. im not making it to play. the whole point of this is (as koolAID said) for comic makers.
Putting secret passages wouldnt be practical (frankly there isnt space)
and i intend to fix the stairs before release… would kind of ruin the effect of the great hall if there wasnt any stairs… lol.

Interesting idea. I hope you manage to finish this project.

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Original poster doesn’t seem to exist any more, but the concept is actually pretty neat, even if the execution is less than perfect. I’d love to see a “pro” rebuild everything, and then rebalance the gameplay around the rebuild.