gm_chokepoint_valley - Medium-large build map

Alright, this is my project. I never really gave displacements enough use-time, and I barely knew how large environments are supposed to be created, but I gave it my best shot with this map. It’s pretty basic right now, but I have lots planned for it and lots in mind.

I feel it’s good enough to build on, but you guys decide that
Think of this release as a “test phase” before I start buffing the kinks out

It has;
Medium-large buildspace
tall skybox for fly space
A long medium-deep lake
A jump across the lake (tested with jeep)
Fully 3D skybox

It’s subtle, but the fog changes colour depending on what direction your looking
Working on making this seamless with the skybox, as of now it’s just complimentary.

All the environments were smoothed and parts of the map vary in elevation; it’s really fun to drive in, I built this version with driving and building in mind.

I know about the various texture errors but those will take a bit of time to fix,
what I have to do is create new blend textures that are all the same shade and pak-rat it in.

Buildings are planned, but I haven’t a clue where any good spots would be,
build a bunch of bases and post pics of your time inmap; I could use any feedback I can get if you guys want this map to expand.
What can be changed/added, improvements or ideas?

Post 'em!

I don’t know how to upload addons to Garry’s Mod nor do I have it installed, so you’re going to have to install it the old fashioned way

move the .bsp file to your maps folder within the garry’s mod folder

Maps like this are why I wish there was a different way to modify terrain textures easily. Looks like a fun map to build on. The water in the distance looks like a jagged line, is that simply because of the distance it’s at?


The lake isn’t the largest but it’s much bigger than the screenshots imply

why dont you create a terrain using height maps, like in bf3?

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change the textures you’re using or at least get rid of the horrible tiling.

Make your own .vmt’s with Blend Modulation textures. :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks -much- better.

The map looks great! That is some really neat work. I would love to see the map during the day as well. It seems like the landscape is a little bit unnatural, but it is a good project.

Perhaps I was too hasty in releasing it

Next release will see all the much needed fixes

loving this map, looking forward to future releases!