gm_chrome - Awesomium binding

This is my second attempt at a browser in gmod. LLMozLib had too many issues, but Awesomium reached a stable point, and shows a lot of potential. This is my binding for it in gmod.

This uses Awesomium!

No offense, but there isn’t really a point to this. You can just open the steam web browser.

Holy crap awesomuim.

Steam Browser doesn’t run youtube videos and such ( At least not for me, says I don’t have the addon.)

Steam browser works for me perfectly.
Either way this is cool, I just have no use for it.

You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Valve hasn’t done anything with the HTML vgui control. It’s still a horrible piece of crap.

… How do I not? Youtube works for me. That is all ever asked. End of story.

Why wouldn’t you want to replace Valve’s shit browser? It’s based on an old IE module and takes way more resources and load time than it should. Thank you AzuiSleet.

3d2d browser using this module (think 3GIRC by SamuraiMushroom) + Hulu would be pretty badass.

Can the scrollbars be replaced with custom bars, say, the ones from derma?

I always keep my GMod in windowed mode (Because it can’t run in full screen for some reason), so I just use my default web browser. This is cool, though.

This isn’t supposed to replace your desktop browser. It’s for enhancing in-game content with web content. For example, you could put your MOTD on your website and show it ingame. You could draw the browser in 3d2d as well, and load the content from your website.

The scrollbars are drawn by chrome, I can’t do anything about that.

Google Chrome in Garry’s Mod? Sounds stupid.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - mahalis))

On what grounds can you say that that idea is stupid?

You give no reasons and I doubt you’d be able to provide evidence to support them if you had.

This an awesome module. I’m currently making my gamemode check if the client has the firefox module, and using it if they do. I’ll have to make a new settings pane just for choosing which module to use, now!

Good work Azui.

Which has many many disadvantages:
[li]Delays on keystroke
[/li][li]Typing in something to textareas sometimes does not properly work
[/li][li]Scrolling sometimes is fucked
[/li][li]SLOW AS HELL
and many many more.

Luckily Azui gave us an alternative. Thanks!

Awesome, I remember the old module for an in game internet browser, I used to use Firebox. hopefully this will allow for a better browser, shame I have no use for it, windowed mode and all. I want to see a 3D2D browser, that would be cool.

Awesome Job!

But I will stick with Window Mode. =P

MATE YOUR A BLOODY LEGEND :smiley: :smiley:

If there was lua king I’d lua king you :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work

Yay, awesome (it’s in the name)!

Oh, and to all the people going “oh well I can use browsers outside the game”/“the steam browser”… neither of those browsers allow you to actually interact with stuff within the game like this, and its predecessor, gm_llmozlib, do. You can position these browsers within 3D space on the game, and it looks like Azu’s working on Javascript callbacks and stuff? So you can control various aspects of the browser with the game/various aspects of the game with the browser.

I can think of some cool uses for this within Gamemodes.

I want to see what would happen in 3d mode when you visited one of those javascript rick roll websites that go all crazy.