gm_chrome - Awesomium binding

I really hope that this is serverside, just for the sake of 3D2D-possibility.

Pretty nifty use of my library, AzuiSleet! :smiley:

By the way, I just released v1.01 of Awesomium which should address some of the bugs you’re experiencing (corruption of JSArguments in onCallback when using MSVC9 and the resizing bug).

Wow, this has huge possibilities and is way better than using steams web browser! I just checked all of Prince of Codes software and was thinking how epic it would be to have Akarui or even NaviLibrary in Garry’s Mod. Great stuff though. <3

Here’s a new version with the updated SDK, and a “virtual web browser” for you to play with. You need to update all the dlls from this zip. (and chrome.lua)

Edit: I kept uploading the old dll, make sure you get _r2.

sorry for the n00bish questions, but:

Do I need to have the actual google chrome browser installed on my system?

Do I need anything besides the two awesomium .dlls and the dll from the Release folder?

what do I do with browserent_shared.lua and chrome.lua?

How do I open the browser once I’m in game? Is it a console command?

Are the rest of the files in the zip only for the SDK, and not the end user?

Holy shit.

Holy hell, someone please tell me I’m doing something wrong. I copied and modified the browsersent just a little (just to make it easer to spawn and deal with, nothing drastic) and played a youtube video in it. My FPS while turned away from the browser was ~120. Looking at it, I was ~12.

Then, right after exiting the game and going back to the main menu, Gmod crashed.

Some more data:
Looking away from the 2d3d browser in GM_Construct: ~120
Looking at the 2d3d browser with Azuisleet’s test java page: ~100
google: ~90
this thread: ~90
my site: ~90
youtube: jumps between ~20 and ~60
watching a youtube video: ~12

It seems static pages are fine, but video makes you lag like crazy. That and you crash if you disconnect while looking at it.

Is this just for LUA Devs at this stage, or is there a working part for end users yet?

If you use a large width and height it will eat fps. I would recommend 640x480 at max. There seems to be a crash on vista.

at 640x480:

Ugh, I feel stupid asking this, but how did you get this working? I can’t seem to get this to do jack shit.

steam browser lets you use youtube videos

How the hell do you run this thing D:

This isn’t for the end user. It’s for developers.

Well that sucks. I’d really love to use this as an alternative to the slow, buggy poor excuse of a browser that the steam browser is. Half the time I open a page in it the entire browser just goes black.

Okay, let’s say I’m a developer, how would I get this to open up in-game so I could test it for something I was developing?

Nice. I really like the look of this.

Init the dialog like you would the normal HTML element, read the lua file for different commands

Ahh, cool. Does it lag anywhere near as bad as the overlay browser? If not, I’m installing it in a heartbeat.

Open IE, install the flash player, restart IE and your Steam browser will play youtube videos just fine!

Is it stable as a pure VGUI component?

Where does these lua files go?

I want to report a bug:
Alway when I try to use the gm_chrome.dll module, then I get the error:

error loading module 'chrome' from file 'c:\programme\steam\steamapps\marcel56\garrysmod\garrysmod\lua\includes\modules\gm_chrome.dll':
	Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.

The sentence

Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.

is a German sentence, because I have a German version of Windows.
Translated, the sentence means:

The specified module could not be found.

So, I took a look at the Source Code in the zip. :slight_smile:
And have perhaps found an error in it., Between row 137 to row 150;

				AdditionalDependencies="tier0.lib tier3.lib Awesomium.lib"

The row 140 has the mistake. :wink:

Maybe there are more errors, but can’t find them.