This is an awesome free running map where you have to freerun across buildings and other objects to get to street level. Run, Jump, Climb and Shoot to escape the police and make it to the end. If you like the game ‘Mirrors Edge’ then you’ll love this map.

It has taken me a while to make and it is my first map! If it wasn’t for 3kliksphilip on Youtube then I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Here are some screenshots:

You can download it here:

And the official Gamemode for Gm_City_Freerun and Gm_City_Freerun_2:
Project Cityrun By Esalaka:


THE SEQUEL Gm_City_Freerun_2_V1:

Woah, if you could make a game type for this map I could imagine it being extremely fun, like if you had a runner and a bunch of cops trying to catch them and the runner has some ability to move faster or something or the police couldn’t move as fast, maybe the police had some guns or something to that effect.

Yeah that’s a really good idea! I’ll look into it. Thanks

Could’ve used some texturing, but it’s okay I guess :slight_smile:

I decided to use 3 different Dev textures (Light Grey, Dark Gray and Orange) because it looked really cool and sort of looked like Mirrors Edge.

Indeed. Would look so much better with texturing.
But this is pretty cool. Look out below! :3

I’m going to start a Version 2 at another part of the city so maybe I will texture that one…

so this is you fist map? can’t wait to see more of you maps in the future!

This looks incredibly awesome. Shame that the GPk mod curled up and died.
And yes, textures would be nice. I think you should do them before starting to work on a V2.


Nice first map!

Congratulations with your first map. For a first, it’s alot better than what most people tend to dump in this section.

Personally, I love DEV textures. I don’t know why, but I love them. The only bad thing that I can say is that you’re missing out on detail and that your environmental lighting could use some work too. Also, your ladders look a bit odd. Nevertheless, good work for a first map.

If you look around here somewhere, there are the mirrors edge textures.

This map looks great! Althrough, there are some errors. On 2nd screenshot from bottom, one of the upper windows from left is bullet proof. Also the part with glass on roof, I think you should slide there. Even with those errors (couldn’t find any other word in my in-head dictionary) it’s a great map. I also love the way weapons pop out of you. (I know it’s from HL2, but I just love it)
Can’t wait for next episode!

Woah, this looks way nicer then I thought it would. I came in here expecting some fullbright horribly textured map, guess I was wrong. Well done. We do need some sort of mod, just to jump high and climb and wallrun and such.

Looks similar to Mirror’s Edge, nevertheless good job. Haha just noticed you mentioned it on download.

Or you could just buy Mirror’s Edge. :V
No but I agree, that’d be pretty fun.
The map looks really great too, downloading…

I deliberately made that window bullet proof so u had to go through the other one :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of the nice comments guys!
P.S. I’m starting the new map right now!!!

Speak for yourself.
AWOL’s had a parkour server (that’s still being developed) running in Australia for months. >__>
We’ll definitely give this map a try.

Then it’s a new mod. I played GPk until the author updated the SVN with empty files and shut it down. At least, that’s what I THINK happened. I don’t remember too well, I’m getting old.
It’s fun to know that a new one is on the rise, though. Will you guys do an official release?

First map? Aw come on, the skill your showing is no where near “First” (If you get mah drift) :wink:

Anyway, let me guess you got your ideas from mirrors edge? yes?