gm_cityrail W.I.P.

Cityrail is a modern train-build map started by oskutin who then lost interest so I continued it. But at the moment it’s more of a two-person project so both of us contribute. It takes place in south Finland, containing hopefully several kilometres of electric rail. To avoid complications, these are the parts he did: [1] [2] [3]

The layout

Green area highlighted is central station.

Orange is a large intersection.

Red is the “red brick” area. Known for its red bricks. Still needs a lot of work, lighting & shadows mostly.

Cyan is the neighborhood station. Dark blue is the neighbourhood, and a subway station underneath (cyan and yellow).

Light green is industrial.

Yard currently has no label. Just south of orange.


Diagram outdated as always

There is still a lot to do. Reference and criticism would be very helpful. The bottom-left will be a train yard, and the entire south section will be industrial, and west will be inner-city. The map will be fairly big, but detailed as well.


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Looks excellent, can’t wait for it’s release.

Wow, Impressive! No joke man!

Edit number 24!!! Jason Voorhees says it sucks!

The map is looking awesome, bud! Best train map I’ve ever seen. We need more people like you in the world. Or, just more people who make epic train maps :\

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Anyways looking good , Hoping to see more updates soon. :v:

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Thanks for asking. I decided not to post it because I figured it would be immature, kind of like your post.

Oh ok, Your Welcome. Did you clear the pee up off the floor after you changed your underwear? :3:

Anyways WoT, are you using for your pictures :v: ?

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All right buddy.

I also tested it when oskutin was working on it :v:

Very good :v:


He did get the joke. He replied by changing it (into an humourous insult)

Who the hell cares? Back to the map?

This looks great. Can’t wait to see further progress!

It boggles me to wonder how you can fit so much detail in across such a large area.

Woah! You are making it really fast!

Holy fucksocks this is pretty awesome.

Looks pretty great this far.

Looking at this thread gives me a mapping hard-on.

Feels good man…

Great job, your abilitys exceed you sir…