gm_cityrail W.I.P.

Cave screenshot added to original post.

Also, layout of the North side so far:

thats amazing keep up the awesome work

question:i know this aint released yet but can you stand on top of the trains while they are moving?

More of a question for the train builders. Depends on the speed.

Fixing today.

Looks wicked so far. Can’t wait for the release. :buddy:

Damn this map looks awesome!

Are the tracks fixed?

Holy shit this is awesome :smiley:

Great layout you’ve got going, looks excellent!

Wait a second, is that my old ass road textures you are using? :raise:?

If so, I got them from oskutin

God damn it Oskutin, at least give me a heads up you going to let people pirate my textures :v:

I have them too, Oskutin gave me then when i was doing Kaupunki.

Oh son of a bitch, I knew they looked similar

Brb shoving a nightstick up Oskutin’s ass :cop:


Yeah i have a few of them, there good textures. Plus go 1337upload, im on that too :v:


And your a ViP like me too :xd:

No you don’t, I just made these today. :colbert:

I don’t even remember what texture folder i put them in:v:
I got tons of custom/random textures.

Hmm, I have similar ones then? :3:


UUSI folder.


Thats what they were in when you gave me them Oskutin.

The new ones are better

To be honest I hated the old lines I used the first time around.