Here is the download:

That is version two of my semi-rp map. It’s more playable, more scenic and rendered.

The map is basically in a smaller area in the city. Its not big, but its not tiny. Its prob Counter-Strike sized.

I’m deciding whether I should make a v3.

Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think.

-Bit new to linking, do I use html to get pics on here? because for pics you gotta follow link. Sorry…

For uploading pics, find a site where you can store your pictures, then link to your pictures with


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well i have to say… it’s not bad considering it’s made by a 09’er looks fairly detailed it’s not full bright and the textures seem ok

take 5-10 screenshots of the map post them on here so we can get a better idea of what it looks like

Ah thank you.


Yeah, I’ll get more as soon as i can.

Holy shit it’s actually pretty good. is this your second or third map?

Not bad at all, it could be a little sunny though, it would give some ambiance to your map.

Looks quite good from the pics

Images aren’t working.

Replace the URL’s with these and then put

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The map looks quite good too :slight_smile:

Good map, a bit blocky from the buildings and the streets tough.

if this is your very first map, then i’m shocked because this was of such good quility i mean sure there where some minor bugs but as first maps go this is one of the best i’ve played. 3d skybox good lighting, textures seemed to match up fine, good layout and a nice feel to the whole map

however if this is not your first map then i take it all back and say that it sucked and i will list all the bad points with big mean words

I think you messed up the settings of your light_environment. Because I can’t see any shadows or even a trace of directional lighting.

Lol dw this is the second version of my first ever map. Only a few changes


I set the Lightmap grid to 50 to make it more…fps-friendly.

Version 3 will have a fix for that

If you lag with lightmap grid at 10-15, you should fucking upgrade your computer.

I don’t… I have a 9600 GT graphics card, 3.2ghz processor and 4gb ram.

The lag is for OTHER people who might have problems with it.

If i wanted i could set lightmap grid to any number

As far as first maps go this is better than most. But even then…
-Try not to use skybox building textures for buildings that you can actually walk up to.
-Don’t use exterior textures for interiors.
-Lots of blocky.
-Buildings need work.
-Some environmental models are simply out of place.
On the bright side…
+Most of the layout appears to have some purpose. Streets seem to go actually somewhere. Buildings could use more work but the layout of where they are positioned and where the streets go actually makes some sense which is rare even in good maps.
+You know what nodraw is.
+You have some idea of how skyboxes work.

i say, welcome to the mapping section, keep up the work and you could become a well loved member here

I love it !

Lightmaps are never the cause of bad framerates… Correct that and your map is a machinima godsend!

Add more lighting

Hangon wut? ONE processor?! Dude you need Quad core.