gm_cityscape (WIP name)

'Sup mapping community. This is a map I started for the contest but decide to take it much further. After fixing the poor shadows, texturing, and brushwork in certain areas, along with removing and re-creating a few buildings, I’d like a lot more criticism and requests for this map from you all. Feel free to ask any questions, and here are the pics from the contest thread.

What is currently WIP or planned? Nothing more than a gas station and car garage, garage currently in progress. This map will be a combination of GM, RP and for videos, although I’m leaning more towards car/train building. Both the subway track and ground track will be usable, along with the interstate. Main inspiration for the layout and architecture comes from Atlant GA and New York, NY, however please do recommend more American cities and structures.


I really like this street over here. Nice job.

I love the station!


200 posts! Yay! :smug:


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I am Black-Ice and I most dearly approve of this thread.

He is Black-Ice and he most dearly approves of this thread.

I approve, but i know my word doesn’t mean shit around here >_>

Looks great! My only concern is that it doesn’t have much style, and feels empty. Unless your going for a very clean look, it would be nice to have some trash, posters on the wall, graffiti, etc. Otherwise, you can still make it look a bit more full with stations, street-signs, trash cans, benches, etc. Also, love how you have that mini-highway, I’ve never seen that in a (Good) G-Mod map.

Great idea, I’ll add street signs and a bit of vegetation & trash around. Kind of undecided on clean or grungy, I have the choice to go either way at the moment.

Have some parts clean, but have some parts grungy, like they’ve not been interacted with by the local council yet.

That’s how Blackpool is. :frog:

It’s nice on the seaside, but go further into Blackpool, and…ew :l

No, go to belfast, thats the shit right there…

Although i live in Wiltshire in England…but thats not the point…

Oh, this map looks gorgeous

I’m glad you are continuing this map.
Maybe make a park or something. Change the skybox, I don’t like those clouds at the bottom.

There’s a somewhat mismatched texture on the road in the 4th picture.

Otherwise, good work.

looks cool


I remember this map in the Facepunch Mapping Thread of Trains & Rails. I really love how your work is coming along, I’d love to see more!

Though as you can see I need to figure out how to get the doors to go back down

32546132745325.wmv best filename

also maps looking good, really liking it.

Better than untitled.avi by a long shot

3.1415926535897932 is better

It’s Pi if you didn’t know.

Still looks brilliant.