[release][tab]Name:[/tab] GM_Cliffhanger
[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0
[tab]Description:[/tab] A large arctic cliff map.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod, Episode Two (can this be confirmed?)

GM_Cliffhanger is a large arctic coast map, comprised of a large cliff along the coastline, along with a few mountains and lots of icy seawater.


-Max map size
-AI Nodes
-Ambient Soundscapes
-Endless water
-Floating ice
-A hell of a lot of snow


Stretched mountain texture haters can bite me :v:

Looks nice. But yeah the stretched textures look wierd. Apart from that it lokos awsome. I love the ice.

Hey, thanks man

The ice is sort of stupid because it’s just random floating pieces in the water. You need to make it look like it was broken of from something and since the big “wall” is all round and stuff it doesn’t look like it could have come from that.

So basically… Make a “Beach” of ice. Sorry couldn’t find a better expression.
It would be cool if you made them physboxes too so they float.

Beach concept seems logical, maybe if I release another version, though that’s unlikely. Also, the ice is comprised of physboxes, so yeah they do float :fuckyou:

First picture doesn’t look very nice for some reason.

Really good :smiley:

kill yourself by hitting yourself with an ice sheet. It will credit the kill to func_physbox

Love the soundscapes. Where did you get the FX?

Quotefail >.>

Awesome map Skyhawk

Personally I dont notice the stretched textures at all. Even in my slow glider…

I love the canyon. the displacements are perfect

Not bad, but few points:

-Lighting looks like shit due to overkilling bloom and unrealistic fog
-Textures are repeating like hell and stretched in some places
-Those ice rafts are very unrealistic
-Displacements are too sharp in some places

I dont know that the Ice rafts can be improved. I think that may simply be the nature of func_physbox

Ummm… looks good, except the displacement fail on side XD

i like this map but i would love to see this as a night-time map too

Will there be a sequel?

Pun intended

Not a bad idea, I can see that being really fun if I can get the lighting to work out well, I might just do that.

i think this map would look awsome in the dark

This is brilliant as a survival map of some sort.

what happened with trainbattle v2 :frowning:

trainbattle v2 ? whats that then ?