Hidden walls
toxic water
light (oooh wow)
waves of npcs with alerts
5 minute countdown for building
working turret
Maze-like tunnel system

Credits so far

Kairo, level design, development, and some testing
kodak-KO, level testing
bRotha, level testing
blarg089 level design, level testing
budyboy40, level design, level testing
keith <3 Alex, level design, development
Care level testing

email ideas

love the name. Can you give it a nipple skybox?

hmm too bad its underground

You should post some screenshots here. Lots of people don’t bother to look the SS’s.

Theres a level for wanted weapons of fate the video game thats called clusterfuck.

There is only 1 place(?) where you can activate the waves, and it’s on a 5minute cooldown for building. Why not just have it start a new wave after 5minutes.

Traps? what traps, the trap where you and npc’s get stuck in the spawning stair?

The lighting is really bad done, it’s just dull light without no source.

You textured a place with “real” texture, and the rest of the map is just dev textures. It doesn’t fit eachother.
Why are the props flying around in the toxic water room?

Overall a bad map. You just run around in that little maze, and kill combines which gets boring fast.
It’s unclear why you are running in the maze, and why there are spawning combines out of nowhere.

I guess that why he named it clusterfuck.

I just played this and it was bland and boring, really confusing too.

To just make a confusing, and rushed map?

Yep that about it and that sorta what the term means randomly fucking crap.

Fill it with crates. best map evar

Well, The point of it originally was closed quarters combat training for a friend, then it got out of hand and I ended up putting a shitload of npc’s to spawn in at random.

Now if you really wanted to have some fun with this map, I suggest typing into the console

ent_fire wave_* forcespawn

Dont worry too much about it, the next versions gunna have mines manhacks and better nodes. (That hopefully allow npc’s to mount turrets)

that’s one hell of a bumb dude…

Thanks for replying ALMOST FIVE MONTHS LATER!

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Reeeeeeeeeeaad the posts.

The title made me think it was a map based in Iraq.