Gm_Combine Sandbox

Hey guys, this is my first map! discuss it here. Go easy on me because it IS my FIRST map.


By the way link is .

Some pics would be nice. :slight_smile:

Might download. But as you said, Your first map.

Ill try to get pics.


Pictures are on the link.

Never release your first map.


As first map it’s good. My first map was small room filled with light events. But as Tyanet2 said, never release your first map.

Great job, a first map that gets 15 downloads, great job!

Thank for saying something nice instead of saying “Never release your first map” that’s dumb. Lot’s of people upload their first map and don’t get shitty comments like that. Thank you Trunk Monkay.

It’s so… ugly.

Don’t post negative comments you ass.


People are so annoying, like you, because all they do is bitch and whine because they got a stupid fucking map. IT’S MY FIRST MAP CAN’T YOU READ JACKASS! I hate people who do this! People who make shitty maps don’t get fucking comments like this! You are a stupid ass. I can’t beleive you people post all these negative comments! Stop with the damn negative comments. Can’t you people say something nice? Trunk Monkay is the only one who has said something nice! Most of you others are little smart mouth’s, so if you don’t have anything nice to say , don’t fucking say it morons!

You post it on a forum, you get criticism.
You don’t just get positive comments, especially with a shitty map.

It’s really bad it’s just a box and we have too many of those even i know how to make that and i don’t map

Hey, Guys. Think about it, Your first map that you probably didn’t release may have looked like this.

I hope you release some new awesome stuff.

Thanks Diaklu :).

How is it wrong to post negative comments? It is called constructive criticism, and it doesn’t matter if it is your first map. I would much rather get negative comments than positive ones, seeing as you can LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Jesus christ, people are ignorant.

so that is why you don’t post your first map idiot

Aren’t you a bit young to be talking like that?


Damn, it is ugly.

Welcome to Facepunch Studios Forums. It sucks, you’ll learn from it.

When the users here meant ‘never release your first map’, they meant that you should be working harder on your map. Don’t just slap a few new textures and give a ‘but it’s my first map’ excuse. You have to work to achieve something you do. Maps like gm_flatgrass2008 is a good exception to build maps, and it was a first map too. Maps like gm_flatgrass was never a good map, Garry only made it flat and simple so low-end PC players will be able to enjoy building in a map like that. I’m sorry that you had to listen to negative comments, even though sometimes they are completely undescriptive. But from it, you must learn and improve it. You did quite a good job for a first, but maybe you should have added lighting into the map and maybe instead of a huge metal covering the place, it should have been a skybox. You can make better maps if you have a program that lets you decompile .BSPs into .VMFs so you can run HL2 maps and maybe include Combine structures into your skybox? And instead, have a bunch of lasers warping through the ground, like a beam with Combine energy balls around them. Plain and simple can be good as long as they are graphically enhanced.

Stop the flaming, Jesus. I didn’t know you’re so butthurt on the subject. Go take some chill pills.

Hey guys this was just about 2 years ago. By the way if you guys want to post negative comments that’s fine just don’t be a bitch about it. By the way sorry **133753P34K I was not really thinking when I posted that ya know? I mean I just made myself a map. That was like seeing jesus to me when I was 10. Now I think that map is sort of interesting, but probably not the best map ever.