gm_community ~ As mappers we unite

Hello Facepunch. while im working on my Jail map, i wanted to see if i could get something else startet.

Yep that is everything

heres where you come into the picture
i want you guys to continue the map
i can allready hear you guys screaming into my ear “Why would we do that”
well guys and girls you dont have to,this is simply something you do to add a little more to the map after all it is a community map
there are ofc. a few rules which is

1. its gotta be mapped in half-life 2 episode 2 sdk

**2. dont remove other peoples work from the vmf **

**3. you can make what ever you want both super advanced and super simple **

**4. when you download the VMF you comment “TAKEN!” and from that point you got 1 hour to add what you need to the map **

5. within the 1 hour you got you gotta reupload the vmf to so the next person can comment “TAKEN!” and continue

6. if you want to map and somebody already said TAKEN! but its over an hour ago you can feel free to download the vmf and continue since he was to slow just remember to comment TAKEN!

7. Yes! you can work on the map multiple times but only for 1 hour at a time

**8. NO custom content is allowed ( Models, textures, and so on ) **

this is more like a test to see how it runs i hope you will support it

** Ps. <333333333333333 **

ep2? no thank you (i only got hl2)

You’re the first person i’ve ever seen to put depth of field on a hammer shot

Don’t think its depth of field.

Wasn’t there already some community corridoor thing?

They never get finished.

As in nothing outside of EP2?

I think it would be easier just to release a template for everyone to work on, and when they’re done, they send you the .VMF and all necessary custom content. Then you can put the .VMFs together into one big map.

it was supposed to be the community that did everything i know that standard hl2 ep2 textures are borring but i just hope somebody would atleast try :frowning:

And you instantly killed the idea by making so unorginal pseudo hl2 styled square.
Something more innovative and unique, please.
I could host one Collective-community-mapping-thingy for skyscraper themed map if wanted…*[/SUP][/SUB]

That sounds cool.

Good luck with that then if you are going to allow custom textures

This would be an awesome idea, I’ve been wanting to map again and I’d totally make a floor for something like this.

Do it.

Yeah, I love skyscrapers. Seeing what everyone else thinks of sounds really fun. I’d be down for that.

This is actually a really cool idea, dunno why everyone’s hating on it.

thanks :slight_smile:
let people hate if thats what they wanna spend time on :slight_smile:

Community maps never work out.

Would be easier if it was a community town project. As in: you have a map divided into a dozen (maybe more or less) empty squares with roads between them, and each participant can reserve one square for himself to build a house on.

That’s as boring idea/theme as this one.
Also there’s been similar before.
One succesful collective “continue this map” map thing was mountain house thingy.

one hour at a time?

something tells me this will become a monstrosity of a clusterfuck
at the very least

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Only thing that messed up was towards end when we had to make sure all the content was there, and there was multiple missing textures and models that were not suppose to be used anyway.
If we were to ever do it again we would need to do some planning.