gm_complex W.I.P. thread.

I guess I’m on a roll with these grid based maps that require very little pre-planning.

Anyway, a while ago I released gm_cube:

People seemed to like it, but it had a ton of problems. It was hard to navigate, you couldn’t climb upwards, and the teleporters were glitchy as fuck. So I decided I’d take the basic idea of a bunch of interconnected rooms with traps in them, and make it more playable.

So now we have a 10x10 grid of rooms, instead of a 4x4x4 cube. And a ton of new traps too, since I have extra space above and below to put entities and such.

Oh yeah, and instead of boots, there’s a few citizens trapped inside with you, and you can send them ahead of you to check for traps. It’s a bit morbid, but that’s how shit goes. (On that note, if anybody knows of a way to get the squad commands working in gmod, that’d be great because this idea falls apart without it).

(Video’s a bit dark. I recorded it in an old version of the map)

If anybody feels like getting a beta testing server up and running, just PM me.

Also, if you have any better names than gm_complex, post them here because I can’t think of anything that fits.

Nice map, the large cavern is really good. Also you should add a falling trap, kind of obvious but it would be a good use of a room. Also Flood one of the rooms.

I like this a lot; almost like the cube map. Also loving the “outer citadel-like” parts. Can’t wait to play this!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, throw some trap ideas at me because right now I have a couple of duplicates and I’d like to have them all unique in the final map.


The floor looks horrible to me.

This reminds me of something Terrenteller showed me once upon a time. He made 64 detailed rooms each with a teleporter on each of the 4 walls linking to another room and a weapon spawn in the middle of some. It was meant to be a deathmatch map and it was disorientating as fuck. He didn’t release due to an issue with getting grenades to teleport properly.

Really? I thought it looked fine. What could I do differently?

You’ll need a tiled floor or maybe even a custom floor texture from fpsbanana, or make your own.

Try portal textures.


I might try something like this, a smaller version in a larger map.

Yeah, the portal floor tiles could go alright, if not just go download a nice looking (But Matching) floor texture.

A portal like theme would kick arse IMO

The combine architecture, along with the textures is a very hard thing to pull off.

You’re doing pretty well.

The fire with no source is sort of lazy though.

Agreed. I’ll put floor vents or something down there.

Reminds me of CUBE :v:

It’s supposed to. It’s based off the CUBE map he did.

They are floors. The texture is fine and people usually don’t pay attention to it. I think the texture is fine but dat is just me.


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Rated heart.

Because wall textures go on the floor.

Maybe if they weren’t exposed to solid white light, it would be better.

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I always thought of it as sort of any-surface sort of texture. I will play around with the lighting a bit however.

What the fuck are you doing.