Gm_ComplexConstruct in Progress [Read please]

[Please Read] Really you need too there’s nothing else or wait

Me and my brother have been making maps since the start of this year we have over 26 maps but there all Similar in one way and or another and 4 months ago we Decided to make a Map that would combine all 26 of are maps, their differences, so we did…then we decided studied all the countless Construct maps going out of Facepunch…Studding…and Studding seeing what they have in common, their deference’s. Then we wanted to make something unique, something Very uncommon, something people thought about but never made it, and made it but…Sucked really bad. So we did but it didn’t stop there We noticed some reason’s why people pick gm_construct almost all the time to there building need’s

1: Easy and basic
2: Load’s ok, or faster than other maps
3:Lazy…from scrolling down looking for another map
4:It has what I need (dark room, light room, good amount of area, and a happy face in the lake…Lol

We didn’t really want to replace Gm_construct we wanted to give people a second choice. We wanted Gm_construct as a Small build alternative as We being a big build alternative, something that has more then Gm_construct, also as easy to load…and it is! And complex for advance users

And one last thing We wanted to show are construct map a different way than other’s, other than construction sites, we wanted to show off technology in the map in a way…like the crane in some construct maps, though we have better technology than that, or your typical auto elevator (hammer made, but really it’s a train function…unless you can prove me wrong) Just wait and see

We are 30% Done…so wait untill NEXT friday for final release. Tuesday we will release pic’s and detail’s and a video…and also sorry though but were trying to keep some details secret until release, and almost all things above we have in are map and either fixing, or adding

We can’t have more beta tester’s…we only need one…his name is TakumI.

This whole thing is made for you to know it’s Coming…Gm_ComplexConstruct…Make the right Choice.

Ok for right now I’m only releasing some pic’s(Straight from Hammer) to everyone…let me remind you we are still not done with this map…it’s hard work but we are getting there (we are just showing the train right now and remember these are really old pic’s we made major work on it since)

The train size in Hammer is: X=3,971 and the Y=825

Spec’s for the train- Can carry more than 30+ people. in the cargo room 13 buggy’s and/or 8 or 9 Cargo cantainers(fully packed…I’ll put pic’s on this later though). the train will have a Old school starwars blast door in the back. and more…

this is showing an Early Beta of are train we still huge amounts of work on it still…I’ll post these New Blast doors we made (There flipping Sweet!)

:siren: PM me is you have Question’s or get the inside scoop about are map :siren:

Sounds cool but it;s not “This HOLE thing is” it’s “This WHOLE thing is”
Bt still i can’t wait my clan needs a new construct map. :smiley:

Right Wow what a Mess-up…thanks…I hope this will be a great construct map for you, and your clan as well as everyone else.

EDIT: I really need Reply’s for this and To strengthen are Will to make this…were doing a job of five on this map

For those who ask: Yes, it’s really good.

Indeed…we are working very hard on this…and TakumI is doing great as a beta tester

Well of course your beta tester will say that, 99% of beta testers say that no matter how poor it is.

Supply pictures and we’ll be the judge of how good it is.

I know How you feel about me not having pictures…But wait, do you accept “test” pic’s or Pic’s stright from Hammer? the stuff we were testing were BLAST doors (Starwars style BLAST doors) and all this stuff for are map I put them up in a little wile

Yea I have the door test video, here, it’s a small test room but it’s great…The real one will be much bigger and timed right…Also were about 45% done with the map

here’s the link:

Were are now working on improving sound effects and ambient sounds…and it’s breath taking…wind sounds, running water, train sounds we are going to have a lot

UPDATE: I have made a small mini mod (it’s their to put are map’s in a good area for people won’t Scroll down too far) we are going to release 3 maps

-Mini Complex
-Complex Construct (Full)
-Build Alternative

the Full map will consist of:

-3 build areas ranging from 1 big,1 Medium, and 1 small
-2 trains (working)(Early Beta pic’s shown above)
-2 man made lake’s
-6 rivers
-7 buildings
-1 Civil protection operations room (count’s as one of the building)
-1 admin room (made almost like Hometown_1999)
-3 train ports
-2 HUGE and Long Tunnels
-1 Access tunnel (for people and huge materials)
-10 Buggy’s and Air boat’s
-50 cameras and monitors(hehehe you can hide Muhahahaha)
And more…

UPDATE: were are fixing up Tunnels(there oning to be almost 1/2 mile long) and other thing’s right know…we Decided to put this in there

Thanks too chris0132 Credit will go to him for that (We are not Joking lady’s and Gentalman we will have this here hopfully we finish all this on thursday and we will release Pic’s, video’s and whatever on Tuesday or Wednesday) I can’t really Explain How Awesome this is We have so much done and more to go!

You might not have much room for anything else if you add that full size.

The train looks nice, I like how big it is.

Hehehehe trust me…We already have a plan for that…and still have room for our map! thanks anyway…

Update: WE are thinking about releasing are maps fullbright(there at level 1 fullbright, and they look ok.) but after a week we’ll add lighting and for some HDR and a few more maps…oh for that we’ll release are own map pack! next week with are maps with lighting…And pic’s and video’s are still for tuesday or the next day…but Lag is are Huge worry and that comes out of lighting soo we have a really good plan for that…so the release date is thursday but it’s going to be a beta…week after that is the Map pack (none fullbright)

ATTN: We are going to let this die(becuase not many people are taking it seriosly soo pic’s on Thrusday will change all that) and We are going to make an other thread!

This map looks just great. I can’t wait to go through 1/2 mile tunnels on Gm_ComplexConstruct.

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