Gm_ComplexConstruct Progress Report

:siren: Gm_ComplexConstruct is 80% done and we have made changes to the map release and Pic release :siren:

-Thursday Is when I release pic’s from the map to show everyone

-Friday Release of Beta (It’s just fullbright and a little amout of Errors)
:siren:please Shut up about this Fullbright Crap Next week it will be the Full release with light’s :siren:

-After THIS friday we will begin more work on fix’s and add’s AND light’s

-Next friday Final release!

don’t know anything about it? go here

:siren: Oh wow, I completely don’t care :siren:

Why would you waste forum space posting this with details no one cares about? Are you so impatient you couldn’t just wait till you actually have some content to show us? Why didn’t you just get some content, and then bump your old thread? Why make these moronic threads like “in Progress” and “Progress Report”?

:siren: Nobody gives a shit about your map until you actually show us something :siren:

I’m really excited about Gm_ComplexConstruct. Can’t wait til I can construct things complexly on your great map.

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Old thread man

I think he missed his dealine of Friday