Gm_Construct 13 texture downloads?

Hey, (if we are allowed to) does anyone have the textures from gm_construct13 that they are willing to share with me? I would like to make a sandbox map using them but I can only find the grass texture. Sorry if the creators don’t want to share this but if it’s cool with ya and you’re willing to share it, thanks :slight_smile:

If you’d like to find out which textures were used for it, I recommend simply using Google to learn how to decompile a map and open it in Hammer. I believe it only uses default Half Life 2 textures.

I decompiled it already and saw that almost all of them are custom. I don’t know how I would extract the custom ones from the bsp, I can’t find them when viewing the bsp in GCFscape though.

You can use pakrat.

open .bsp with gcfscape
right click materials folder, extract
that or in they are in the materials folder of the garrysmod_dir.vpk
so open that with gcfscape

Oh yeah! Completely forgot about the vpks. Thanks :slight_smile: