GM_Construct doesn't load?!

I can’t load GM_construct, on Loading Resources… it crashes to the desktop, no error shown, all other maps I have work fine, what could be the issue? Also a lot of my maps wont load, at all, like hl2 maps, all of their icons are gone, and the maps themselves wont load, same with portal 2 maps and l4d2 maps.

Portal 2 maps and L4D2 maps run on a different version of the engine, so you cannot load them until it is made possible. I have no idea why your gm_construct would be doing this, but did you move HL2, the episodes, lost coast, and Portal all over to the Steampipe beta?

yep, I just did that after I saw it in another thread, all the stuff works now, as for GM_Construct, it still crashes.

what’s weird is that I can join other peoples server whom use GM_Construct, but I can’t host it myself… crashes on loading resources.

Do you know where to find .mdmp files?


Reinstalling gmod fixed it, idk what caused the problem tho.