gm_construct for Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2!


I’m currently working on gm_construct and would require an extra hand in the creation of making it for tf2 and CS:S.

Counter Strike version:
Left: CT spawn
Right: T spawn
CT’s spawn in the open, 3 awps are located in the sniping dock the rest get M4A1s, they storm off into the T’s spawn, t spawn is equip with 3 awps in the dark room while the rest get ak-47’s.

Team Fortress 2 version:
Left: Blu spawn
Right: Red spawn

TF2 version has a slighter altercations, there is metal doors protecting spawn, a metal plate blocks out the sniper zone and requires snipers to move up the top, the Red spawn get metal doors protecting spawn and the gaps up the top filled, the game mode is nothing.

**What’s the fucking point?:
**The point is a trigger happy team deathmatch experience, this can be played on 42 player slot servers which gives it a blast of a time.

Unfortunately there are massive altercations with gm_construct

First off most of the textures are missing which makes me have to replace all, that’s not all, since it’s black it can’t find it’s original texture, so that’s why I need the helping hand.

As you can see here in the Counter-Strike version, the gray and black mean missing, I can’t replace any of these things until I find the original which is in Half Life 2 or whatever engine he made it on.

If you want to help out add me: The_Blue_Brick

Use this thread for suggestions and feedback, thanks!

When I converted the .bsp to a readable hammer file, the water never came out, I doubt it will ever get water in it unless some miracle happens.

hmm, i like the idea but i dont know how well this will work out.

You used the same image for both map versions.

The least you could do is make the TF2 version more TF2-like

I needed to so I could show off where the spawns will be at

It should be fine I just need to make future altercations to the map and improve it day by day, I may remove/edit the secret room and add a camera so when you first join the server or choose teams that’s what you see…

You mean…when you decompiled it.

I would advise remaking the map if you feel you have to make another construct clone. Decompiling causes issues.

I could’ve figured someone would say that, the map runs perfectly in CS:S I just need to edit the missing particles.

This is really pointless. For one thing, they don’t even look good in the other games, and another thing, they wouldn’t even play good in the other games. At least make them a little more stylized for each game and maybe it’d be worth making a thread over.

I saw a video once where flatgrass was used as a HL2:DM map, it inspired me to do one for construct, your point in saying is pointless is arguable but I want to edit something so it can be played as a fun, deathmatch map, like a late night party. There will be mayjor work on it and it won’t look exactly like this, as we speak I’m making the CS:S version better.

I don’t think anyone that is okay with decompiling is capable of making any map “better.”

What…when people are too drunk to notice the keys they are pressing, not to mention what map they are playing.

Maybe *then *I would play it. :v:

I don’t think the map is balanced enough for CS:S.

It’s shit.

I personally the map is too big. Like the white room and dark room should be removed. But further… it’s just the normal gm_construct map. Try to make the TF2 map something TF2’ish. Like one of the above posters said.