gm_construct + gm_construct2


These are the vmf’s for GMod’s current gm_construct and another map called gm_construct2 that I never got around to finishing.

I hope that some good will come from releasing them.

Oh boy even more construct maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god what have you done :geno:

Oh well, I always wanted to have a proper look at how the white room was done.

What, gm_construct2? I have the check that out!


lol, grammar

Excellente, I’ll look forward to poking around in the VMF’s. Thanks Garry.

Delicious oh master of the internets.

Delicious uselessness!

No pics, no clicks.

Hers pics of gm_construct2 -

Its only hammer screens since i dont have the gm_construct textures in game, or in hammer.
but you can still see whats what.

Can you upload the textures as well?

Why don’t you extract them yourself?

I will get ingame screens guys. :siren:
Give me a few mins.

Oh didn’t think of that


I remember messing around with the construct2 vmf when we got asked by garry to remake the map for gmod10

Nice, thanks garry.

I’m not sure whether to be happy that the vmf is out and that allows for some mappers to learn a lot; or be annoyed that this opens up the ability for noobs to completely destroy and upload about 100 different gm_awesomestruct010_beta2_awesomeversion…

I hope it’s the former, so… Thanks garry :smile:

Hey Garry thanks. This will allow me to screw around with gm_construct and make edits that I won’t release. (This seriously isn’t sarcasm…)

I swear I’ve seen that Construct 2 map before, from that time he held that “design a new construct” contest.

Yep, that’s where it came from.

gm_construct2 is awesome, it needs to be in Gmod as an official map!

Did garry not do this just before the OB update?