gm_construct Map Project (The Community-Led update for GMod 13)

Official Map Developers:
-HighVoltage:*** (Eric Lowther): Lead Project Mapper***
-MaxOfS2D: Assistant Lead Mapper
-Colton Rappe:*** Assistant Lead Mapper***

Key Features: :eng101:
-High-Detailed 3D Brush-based Multi-Level Enterable Buildings.
-Different shadow-casting in the world.
-More grass and slopes to build and play on.
*-Lake size and depth increased. *
-New Room under Garage to Build in (with Mirror!)
-New easter egg room.
-Other great things!

The source files have just been released, you can find them here:

gm_construct_13 Source Map Archive

gm_construct_13 Final Build

Are you gonna bring back the 4th building?

Oh please, I passionatedly hate that building, as long as that building is gone, I’ll rest assured I won’t kill… someone… :eng101:

Straight to the basics ; I turned off all the lights in the mirror room and it still appears as if they were on.

Eventually, yes, if garry still wants it there. HighVoltage is working on making the brushwork for it, but has a fiery passionate hate for it. :v:

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They work correctly in Episode Two, we are not sure why they dont work in Garry’s Mod 13.

This reminds me of someone… :suicide:

**Garry, can you redirect the link on to this thread now, and update the image on to the main image in the first post of this thread?

Much appreciated!** Also, please test the map and give some feedback when you can.

Edit: Link has been redirected. Just the image left.

Small lighting bug

Also perhaps change the texture of this, for some reason it doesn’t quite suit a balcony, perhaps a glass texture?:

Are the shadows on the outer wall are reflecting too much? Or perhaps the sunny parts of the wall are too dull?
Either way, it seems wrong… They look wet…

Oh! And by the way: I LOVE the map! It’s brilliant! I believe the mapmaking is in good hands. Keep it up!

You have to change the skin of the lamp model per input (the light switch button).

Accidentaly posted, remove this

I hate it, its so annoying trying to remake it

I’ll fix that up

Which is what it does, but it doesn’t work in Gmod

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[Rage] And dammit Colton, I should of made the thread [/Rage]

I was thinking the same thing, when i saw the first post, why didnt you make it first rofl

I don’t mind, Colton is being a huge help

the lights (old round ones in basement): replace models with florescent tube lights? possibly make them so you can shoot them out?

reposted because of 21 agrees but no response[/t]

this never got fixed i think.

Hey highvoltage, can you do a tutorial on how to map for the beta like how to set it up for mapping?

nothings different then mapping for gmod 12 it uses the same system.

Wow, amazing, stunning AND AWESOME LIKE COOKIEZZZZZZ! :dance:
Edit: Lol my comment ain’t dumb :frowning:

Are you guys going to try and reduce far off texture repeat patterns. It isn’t a big deal but I figure it would make the map prettier. If you couldn’t do that for optimization reasons then maybe you could just try to vary the grass textures a bit in certain spots. It looks like you’ve done it a bit already but I mean to a more noticeable degree. I’m no mapper though so if any of this is just stupid wishful thinking then just disregard it.

I replaced the models with florescent one, I didn’t earlier because I couldn’t find the model for some reason.

The problem is that doors wouldn’t change colour with the room.

I’ll do that right this second, I must of been messing with something else at the moment when i said that.

Water should be expanded a little. Not saying an entire ocean, but a little larger than it is.