gm_construct of numbers and symbols

is this something like a 25 frame or …?
I mean…watching this make me want to do something, but I can’t cleanly understand what exactly

“the numbers mason. what do they mean”

Just looks like some sort of complicated filter or some website did it for you free of charge using some automatic script/action thing.

How much work did you actually do?

Hey, at least it’s original.

Interesting, to say the least.

Though bigger would be better.

Looks pretty cool, i would like to know how to do this.

How do you make this?

I saw this and thought of a transition where the video turns into numbers and falls apart



Reminds me of the theory of reality.

“AGH! I keep hearing the FUCKING numbers!”

Thanks for the BLOPS reference, but I think one was enough. :rolleye:

i’m interested in knowing how op did it

it’s 99% likely it’s a photoshop filter or something
but used in moderation it could actually be useful

Cant see shit

This reminded me of call of duty black ops my favorite game