Gm_Construct Scenebuilds!

Had a few minutes to play around with some props/models I just downloaded. Everything was done in-game except for some of the shading + lighting.

1080p version -
Behind the scenes -

1080p version -

I don’t have much time for Garrysmod but I’d like to know how I can improve! Any feedback would be much appreciate.

Edited lighting

your scenebuilds are really nice and authentic, but your lighting is kind of boring. next time add some more light sources that would realistically be various different colors, and i tend to find it helps that, if a light is meant to be white, you make it very desaturated blue or red instead to mix it up a bit.

well what can i say, they’re both damn nice

what’s the monster in the second pic

They look coo’.

They’re both pretty cool builds but it seems like there’s not that much going on in both of them.

I’d have to agree with you on that! Lighting isn’t my strongest area. I took what you said and desaturated the second image a bit and spiced up some of the highlights. I think it looks a bit better though its very subtle. I’ll keep that in mind for my future poses!

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It’s the Ogroman from Resident Evil 6 -

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Yeah, I agree with you :frowning: But like I said, I only had maybe an hour and a bit to do both of these. Not enough time for a fully dressed up scene. I’ve got a few things in mind for my next work though!

Well take your time on those ones then.

Good luck!

That’s some nice scenebuilds, i have a soft spot for desert scenebuilds myself.
You mind linking those cliffs/rocks from the first one?

Your a good scenebuilder

Glad you like them! But so you know, in the top picture, I put at least 50 smaller rocks together; making them look like cliffs. Same with the second image :smiley:

Here you are good sir,