gm_construct snow redo help!

I’m in the progress of making a reskin of gm_construct to make it all Christmas and snowy! I have added snow and some lights and what not but i have run into a problem making the really reflective ice :confused: someone help me please?

I got it working it’s just that it won’t look into the skybox, it goes back. Any thoughts on how to fix this or ways around it? Perhaps I should add some sort of ice-skating ring building around it.
What should I do?

Are you using func_reflective_glass? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t reflect skyboxes.

make a custom water vmt.
and this has already been done.

idk how to make a vmt, let alone a water one that will reflect a skybox like a mirror

It’s already be done.

so what? just because someone else did it I can’t make my attempt?

No, but I think it’s better if you make a completely original map.

Why would people want to download this and not the other one?

You have to set yourself aside from the rest. -Is that how it goes?

If there was a fix for the func_reflective to reflect the sky I would like this map, mainly because I like reflections.

Fair enough :frowning: ill try to think of my own ideas, but in the meantime, can you think of how I can fix my mirror to see the sky?

Use a semi reflective texture on the water and put an env_cubemap above it.

But then it is only semi reflective, I want one that works like a mirror :(.

Then make a 128/128 image with just the colour of what a normal map uses as it’s base (128,128,255) and fill it, save as VTF (normal map without alpha) and use that as your base texture in a new water VMT. Then just make a brush using a material that’s semi-transparent or use clip on the top of the water, to make ice.

Thanks for that, but i dont think that solves my “mirror” conundrum.

You’ve already been told how to solve your problem. You just aren’t willing to do it.

its more of idk what he just said and hoping someone would spell it out.

Did you want something like