gm_construct - some questions.

Hello. There are loads of conversions made to this map. I’d like to make my own. Is it any way to open this damn map in Hammer and don’t fuck it up the same time? I mean all that brushes stuff. When I decompiled it to vmf and put into Hammer I got a “failed to load the default scheme file. The map views may be missing… blah blah” That’s okay. But then when it’s loading I got this: “Model/ models/maxofs2d/companion_doll.mdl not found and models/error.mdl couldn’t be loaded” The hell is that doll? And why Hammer can’t find it?
I’m not that experienced to make a map from scratch, I just want to build some walls in the existing buildings, make some windows, and texturize that damn concrete walls with some nice wallpapers. The credits go to Garry, I don’t wanna sell it or redistribute or anything else, just want to use it by myself. Any chances?

those errors have nothing to do with the decompiled vmf, your using the wrong version of hammer , look in garrysmod/bin folder and click the Hammer there and load up the vmf

Shit You’re right! Thank You. Now will try to do something on the map.
EDIT: Edited map seems to work almost good. The only problem is with the water which became “invisible”, a skybox and light bulbs in the building. I’m gonna delete the light bulbs and add completely new ones. Any chances of fixing the water and skybox? I can see a big hole in the map (in the part where the water should be) and when I dive into it there’s a water visible inside. And Skybox is somehow unfinished. There are mountains but no buildings.

You have a leak. Load the default pointfile in map then click load default pointfile. If it just shows a save option then its good, and i cant help you out. Otherwise make sure entities cant see out of the skybox.

yeah it could a leak in the 3d skybox area when you load the pointfile follow the red line to where it goes to the void and check all brushes in that area are touching and no world brushes are entities i.e func_detail, you might have to set grid size to one to make sure theres not a micro gap between the brushes

So today I learned that gmod has it’s own version of hammer, thanks!

Default pointfile loaded. Found the red line, coming out from “Ground Node” yellow block and following down the stairs to the ground. Is this shit responsible for my problems?
No idea how to check that brushes.
Here are screens of what it looks like:


I think it’s the fault of one brick block, because the red line goes straight through it, and of what I check it seems the block is perfectly fine fitting the place. I don’t understand it.


Is the brushwork that the red line passes through a ‘func_Detail’? As these don’t seal the map.

The node is just the closest entity to the leak. It’s not causing the leak itself.

Hmm. Looks like the stairs (these are one func_detail) don’t have the brush completely. (I just learned how to check that.) But what know? What should I do whit that? If that matters, the big mirrior underground doesn’t have the brush either. Pointfile doesn’t show the red line to it though.

Select the stairs and ‘move them to world’ (Ctrl+Shift+W) then try recompiling.

Using your method I made brushes for these stairs. After compiling a map another leak happened, on the opposite side of the room, also stairs. I did them too. And (surprise!) another leak. It seems more complicated to me, I can’t fix this one. It comes from one geometry block and follows the lamp.
It looks like this:

I checked all the blocks underground, following the red line. I checked the ceiling above the lamp, a lot of things around. I just don’t know what it might be this time.
And accidentally I somehow “destroyed” the mirror. When I added a brush to the mirror, it became completely black. But screw it.

It looks like there is a tiny gap where that red line is disappearing into. Is that closed up?

I’m afraid I checked every object around that line. Everything has a brush number now. But I wonder why this line bends in the air while no touching any object.

Thanks to user Dexter127 every single leak is now fixed :slight_smile: Big thanks to him. Skybox looks awesome.
Need only help with the mirror. It’s not reflecting the player or anything else.

Bump :frowning:

Maybe remake the mirror like this?

[video] [/video]

While we are on this topic, does anyone know how to get the player to render all the time?

Change the mirror block into func_reflective_glass entity.

Select mirror block, then press CTRL+T and into textbox type: func_reflective_glass then press Apply - here you go.

Znowu Dexter, dzięki :slight_smile:
This method works! The mirror finally reflect everything.

I just noticed hammer crashes when I select func_reflective_glass, is this because i’m using CS:S hammer?