gm_construct update

[Publish By G_MAP Garry’s Mod]

Note: This map publish by G_MAP Garry’s Mod, this is save game for gmod. Please be noticed
that i already test the map and it worked perfectly and no crash, any problem please contact me.
This map will fully with circle yellow, i don’t know how to remove it but you can switch your weapon
like crowbar,smg,ar or any weapons, it will show circle if you use gravity gun, physic gun and tool gun.



System Requirements.
This map using many props, so make sure you have stronger cpu to run my map. Example like Intel Dual Core i3
and RAM 4GB. if you have weak pc the map will be lagging.

Required on this map:
Foliage props

The map is completely tested and worked on Garry’s Mod 13
Added trees
Added Grass
Added Rocks
Added Container
Added Palm Trees
Added Gate

[HR][/HR]Download on DropBox
[HR][/HR]Download on Mega

always thought this map was in need of a gate honestly thanks man