[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_Construct_2009

[tab]Version:[/tab]Update 2.

[tab]Description:[/tab] I got fed up making the map so here it is.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod 10+,CSs, Ep2 (Don’t have ep2? go get it.)


Full node’d
Full cubemapped
Large skybox

New Features:
Remade skybox, brush and 3D.
Remade cubemaps
More custom textures
More stuff
Less clutter
and more build space.


Broke decades ago.

Update 2010/2011
I’m working on this map again.

Looks fancy, I’m testing it now!

It better I spent 4 weeks making and changing this map. I got fed up with it and decided it was a good time to post it.

Looks good but weird at the same time.

CS:S is required? If so, what specifically from it?

Look at Gm construct, then Gm Construct 2008, then my map and you will see why it looks good and weird. The maps follow kind of a “evolving” chain. I bet Gm_construct_2011 will look like freespace :v:


Sorry firefox did that, It is not required.

Good to hear! Thank you. Download time!

Played around a bit, and it’s a great design… though I have a few minor tweaks to suggest-

•as much as I love the mixture of grass and water, I want to ask that you recede a bit of the water that juts out into the middle of the grass area (at the middle-left of this image-
the random puddle out in the middle of nowhere is a bit annoying… to say the least.

•There’s a ton of random gibberish modeling behind this entire length of the map-
I would like to see you clean up what you can, it may make a slight difference in performance on different computers. …I did, however, like the small enclosed area underneath the main ramp in the unkempt geometry, because it’s inescapable if I teleport someone in there without noclip. Good for punishing minges >:3

•as much water as there is, I find that if someone is making racing boats, or even just toying around with boats with/around other players, there really isn’t much room to maneuver around in the water… you can go straight for a few seconds… then try to turn it around in a moderately small area (by the dock), or through the pyres at the opposite end. Maybe extending the map just a bit outward and allowing additional open water area could be a plus.


that is, if you’re not ‘fed-up’ with it anymore ;D

Keep going with your work, though, I love what you’ve done! This is going to be a new standard map on my server ;D

Ironically What you just said there is exactly what the night version is like, Everyone hated the night version… :frowning:

But I MIGHT on the week end update the map, along with posting a night time version and/or DevConstruct.

Also there are two places behind that area. I kept them in for a good reason. (Admin room…or torture room :D)

Maybe you should finish off the ‘admin/torture’ rooms, given half the walls are invisible, others missing so you can accidentally fall off the back of the level and get under everything… If you could at least make a real room back in the corner, it’d be the most useful spot in the level :ahaw:

It’s really cool! I’m loving it o.o

Go left when your in the large room…there is a small room with water and a window. :smiley:

I am doing that right now…texturing both and correcting stuff…(and getting rid of the under everything glitch by redoing my nodraws)

Download for sure, this is too sexy to pass up. Good work.

I came.

Hey, if anyone feels like toying around, I’m hosting it on my server “Dai’s Dedicated”, but only for a little while tonight. Gotta sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and… uh… do stuff.


HOLY… I think I just found a glitch- when spawning some PHX stuff in the middle of the grass area, I picked the first item up, and the instant I froze it in the air a HUGE splash of water came out of the ground. Maybe you can trim back a little of the water so it isn’t completely underneath everything? :raise:

Is it a crime to love the skybox more than the map? :v:
Because I do. :slight_smile:

I will give it a download and see how I like it.

It looks nice, but where is the simplicity of construct?

Some of it I like, some of it I don’t.
Very much hate the hazard stripes on the ramp, needs some holes on the that roof with the pool because it’s too dark, and from the pictures the water doesn’t look deep enough.

An interesting map to say the least. A nice blend of area with the exception of encroaching waterfront around the middle of the main ground area, which isn’t terribly fun for regular vehicles. Overall space is at a minimum, but the map was built for construction rather than driving massive convoys of vehicles at high speeds. The lighting is pretty cool, and the varied lighting in some areas allows for better custom lighting applications.

An issue I immediately ran into was the lack of a sky texture. Perhaps it is just a fluke in my case, but while the skybox was operating well, the sky above was nowhere to be found. Perhaps next time I try to get it running it will work fine.

You should release the map when the year is 2009 :v:

Me love. I’m going to download it when I get home…
Oh wait, I have my own personal Memory Stick with me :smiley: