gm_construct_colorful [WIP]

This is pretty much a reskin of GM-Construct. The pictures are the first part of my reskin. I personally think I need to change the skybox to milita_hdr. It wasn’t as easy as I though and it took at least 20 minutes of my time to reskin it with no changes to the original structure. When I do change it just a little bit to make it look a bit cleaner, you will see the changes. I will constantly be updating this thread with pictures and addons. If you have any suggestions or something of the like, please comment or PM me.


How to Install:

  1. Put the .bsp file into your maps.
  2. Download ColourDev
  3. Install ColourDev into Garrysmod
  4. Play around and give criticism.

I used the ‘ColourDev’ by Dosycool which you need to run the map.

My eyes!

I should have said something but the title says it all. XD

By colourful I assumed it wouldn’t cause me to have seizures. Try a colour scheme, this looks like you just threw textures on different surfaces of brushes.

I suppose it’s a start but did you really feel you had to release it? =/

Well…I’m going to add new stuff and all that to make it look much better. And I guess I had a feeling to release it.

Unbelievably ugly. Go out and make a real map, not another construct rehash.

Ok. I will. :smiley: Thanks for the great support. lol
I really will make my own map and it will be teh epicness. Also can a mod, close this or delete this thread?

omg what’s point of this? To burn eyes? or to make yourself rated dumb ?

Well, this isn’t so well done, I was thinking more of an Dev texture brand new construct map, instead, i get shitty ol’ gm_construct, but this time, I didn’t want to play it for an all of 5 minutes, I didn’t want to play it at all. Try making your own map, then adding those textures(if you really want, not suggested.)

Also, Don’t put WIP up for download unless you want to be ripped apart, or the map is fucking epic.

Missing texture textures do not compute.

do NOT play this map high.

I repeat, DO NOT.

Is this just construct but with dev textures slapped on to it :v:

Are you trolling?


gm_construct_goodshitmaaaan :350:

Well you live a colorfull life :smiley:


This isn’t mapping, this is reskinning.
Try a different section, or even a different forum.

Try to be creative instead of taking stuff from other maps (or taking entire maps from others)

Congrats, you changed the textures.

I imagine this is what hell looks like.