gm_construct_flatgrass (v4)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_construct_flatgrass (v5)

[tab]Version:[/tab] 5

[tab]Description:[/tab] A heavily edited construct

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] gmod


This is version four of my construct_flatgrass map. I added in a whole train system simlar to gm_wireconstruct. The subway part connects to the bunker and the lake spawn point. I disliked the small tunnels in wireconstuct, so I made the tunnels a lot bigger.

I am planning on making a v5 sometime soon, but I need ideas! Should I make more underground rooms? What would you like to see added to the train system? Please post your ideas to make this map even better.


( INSTABANNED Used the word to the bunker )

A train system, holy fuck, you have my download.

Yes, more underground rooms will be perfect in the next release.

Looks great! Had fun testing this.

Yeah, I’d like to see more underground rooms…But I really don’t know what.

Awesome :smiley:

Woot! I’ve been a big fan of this series of gm_construct in flatgrass… and now it has a train! :dance:
I am SO getting this!

  1. Any way to make the tracks so that trains can be more stable? I have two massless thrusters at 3k each, and when I go around turns(and down the tracks that go into the tunnels), it either flips over or derails.
  2. Do you plan on texturing the dev room that’s underground?

It’s purty looking, but you should still add a 3d skybox and make that transition between the construct and flat grass areas less janky.

You should be using the PHX train wheels with some Torque instead of thrusters. Just saying.

I’ve never tried torque. And I am using the PHX wheels, but I have them on an axis to the base.

Trying it out now because I love building trains.

Will be back with feedback.


It’s pretty cool, but I have some suggestions to make it cooler:
[li]Add an underground turntable to the train system, same issue as wireconstruct, trains have to back up to get in/out of the underground.
[/li][li]A train control room that shows the status of all of the train switches.
[/li][li]Add a train platform (or two) for people to get on and off trains. Should probably be the height of the large train base with the large train wheels on. Maybe one at the flatgrass teleport, one at the underground dev texture room, and one at the construct/train track opening.
[/li][li]For the three way train switch (aboveground), it needs to be easier to change the track. Perhaps only three switches, pressing one activates one switch and deactivates the others.
[/li][li]Make the dev texture room cold and concrete. Use cool colours and concrete textures.
[/li][li]Make the flatgrass water stretch across the whole length of the map, and make the beach go all the way along that (maybe with some rocks.) Perhaps deeper, and maybe a secret cave for subs to explore.

This map has combined the awesomeness of blackops construct with the robustness of flatgrass and the kickassness of train tracks. Great job and I’ll be playing this one for a while.

Some signs underground to how to get back to the surface and the DEV Room, and the underground loop.
These would be nice. :slight_smile:

The dev room could use a bit of touch up light wise (They weren’t really lighting up props for me, and the small barrier between the rails and dev area should be removed.

Also can we see a dedicated place to build trains? Perhaps have a rail line for testing, etc?

Downloading now, love it.

How about a optional train built just in hammer just for this map and spawned by a button so it does not spawn unless people want it.

Agreed, just like rp_subtransit.

I like the ideas guys! I’ll be sure to use most of the ideas if I like them.

What I have done so far…

-Added a subway like station between the lake and the flatgrass teleport.
-Changed the ceiling texture of the tunnels (Was an episode 2 texture and I want everyone to be able to see everything :D)

Things I definitely want to add.
-Turntable outside and underground.
-3D skybox
-Signs in tunnels to tell where to go

I’m going to be working on v5 a lot more now.


Yay a trains system! I will upload to my server: :slight_smile:

Hmm… It needs more admin tower :q:

What’s the point of admin rooms? It causes maps to be used less and abuse when people figure out how to get in…

Hmmm… Good point. :wink: