This is my first ever map.

Beasically I took the Gmod9 Edition of gm_construct and put my own spin on it.

It now has:

  • A covered building area with a sliding roof door for air vehicles.

  • A robot fighting pit

  • A lot more space for construction

  • A larger pool area

Gone is the vehicle spawn area and the strange light and dark rooms.

For the next version I plan to include:

  • Full AI noding

  • A tower area to build on

  • Underground facilities

Download it at:

Images are on the page, as I can’t remember the html for doing images. Sorry. I may post them at a later date.

Well it has alot of features that are not common on “first maps” but still, it is a first map.
By seen the pictures I can tell that the textures are ugly, its kinda blocky but it seems that is not fullbright.

Congratulations on your first map, but PLEASE read other threads before you post your maps, people dont like first maps, because most of them are ugly, also we dont need more construction maps…

EDIT: So you just edited GM_construct? nevermind my above comment…

Don’t release your first map, Yeah you will love it but 99% of the community will not like it.
Also, Don’t edit maps that are simple like that.

Erm… Are all of the screen shots on the download up to date, because one of the screen shots are full bright.

It would probably be more accurate to say this is my first release.

If the screenshot that appears fullbright is the middle one, I don’t know whats up with it tbh.

Any suggestions for improvements?

Come up with an original idea. Construct remakes are overdone already.

I think it is better than most first maps though.

Definitely better than most first maps, try to come up with some new ideas.

Like the Chernobyl level in COD4.