This is a new map called gm_construct_roleplay_v2 " Not Made By Me ".

The map is a very cool rp / build map that has the following

Gunshop - Money slot , Gun Slot , Shipment Slot , Vault , Back door , Front Door.
Movie Theater - Teleporter to get to , Screen , Seats.
Build spot off map - Bright , Easy to see , Huge , No lag.
Places To Stay - 6+ Rooms , Wall Boders , Doors.
DJ Club - Bar , Lights , DJ Speakers " DJ stand ", Tickit Booth.
Combine Base - Butten doors , Mayors Office , 2 Jails “One Way See”, Shocker Chair, Sniper Spot.
Underwater/Underground base - 7+ Rooms , Lots of room , Drain/Fill water.
Spawn - Train “Where you got off” , Tickit Booth.
Paintball off map - Bases , Hideing spots.

Then you have the rest witch is grass , walls , sky That Stuff.

I say you should use this for RP severs that are 12 Slots+ Because its huge.+

Have fun because you can play 3+ Game mods on it if its War to Build To RP.

Thanks and have fun!

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no pictures no video no download

Alright alright alright. I JUST tried this map, Looked at the description and noticed alot of things wrong with it…
First off, You state you didn’t make the map… Second. Virtually everything is in the map is copyed off other maps. The combine base is copyed off city18. The three shops near the trainyard are copyed off city18. The windows are made out of metal? What gunshop? There is also a call of duty 4 arena that gives you weapons, and you can easily teleport out back to the city. STILL WITH the weapons. Oh yes. Whoever made this even copyed flatgrass. Even the trainyard was copyed! The map is generally stupid, although it looks quite nice. Not good enough for roleplaying. Should have been beta tested, and since when was this even construct? Whoever made this couldn’t get the title fail to fail. My rating? Not worth the download.

The architecture isn’t too bad, but the lighting is ugly.

True dat.

Looks like someone had a good time decompiling maps…

Stolen work. gtfo