It’s a new map I’ve been working all this week, I don’t know if I should release it yet.
Here are some screens:


constructive criticism please.

It’s flatgrass with sand.

It’s flatsand.

I’m not very good at names

Fullbright flatsand, i may add.

I need some help, I guess.

Gm_cool is not as cool as it seemed to be I was looking forward to a snowing map or maybe a map with a pool in it or a bar on the side of the beach.

side note to fix the fullbright just add a light_environment to the level if you do not know how they work might want to look up light_environment tutorial in Google that should help with the map being fullbright

tomorrow I’ll make a better one, promise.


Why do all those props just rain from the sky?

By tomorrow, i presume tomorrow you will START on a better one. Mapping takes time, don’t rush. Right now you are in the pit of reproducing old ideas. Try something new.

I made a better one already, I just need a recorder


Obstacles, some can kill you.

Never imply coolness or awesomeness, it never seems to be what it says it is.

Blocky fullbright no details empty box bad texturing needs a lot of work


The express checkout of maps; no more than 11 brushes allowed.

I bet I could make this map in like 8 minutes or less.

more like 3 minutes

If you made it already it means that it probably isn’t detailed or new in any way. Honestly, great maps are not pumped out in hours or days. They usually take at least a month.