[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_cooldiradical
[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0
[tab]Description:[/tab] A singleplayer puzzlemap for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Some of the puzzles do not work in Garry’s Mod, but this map can be used for posing in Gmod.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Half-Life 2: Episode Two (contains lots of textures and models for ep2)

It has been a while since my last singleplayer puzzlemap, but I am back with a new one. This is longer than any of my previous puzzlemaps and also the best one, according to Dragory.

This map is meant to be played in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. To play it, enter "map gm_cooldiradical" in the console.

A lot of pictures:

In the map pimpage thread, some people wanted me to get rid of these pillars on the walls, and I kind of promised to do that but I didn’t. :v:

This map is meant to be played in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. To play it, enter "map gm_cooldiradical" in the console.


I hope you will have fun with the map! Feedback is appreciated.

Nice work but the fan in the last pic is bothering me… :v:

I know it’s silly to have a random fan on the floor but it’s part of the puzzle. :v:


This is more finnish than any other maps and also the most sauna one according to boomersocks

Apparently I forgot to pack one texture into the bsp. I will now pack it and reupload the map. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay, now the download links are up again.

Excellent map, Puzzle ones are always really entertaining. Good work.

I managed every puzzle except the ladder puzzle. I just could not find the last piece, so I had to skip it. It also seemed a bit annoying that I couldn’t just climb up the ladder until I had “all” the pieces in place. I would also suggest putting hopper mine models in the place of the red sprites as it just looks odd right now.

I also think it needs to be a bit brighter. It was really hard to see anything without the flashlight, and I missed the solution to one of the puzzles because I didn’t notice it in the dark.
Also, the rising platforms and the ground that they rise from (I fell in. :v:) were missing textures when I downloaded the most recent version.

It was a good map, most certainly, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

OH MOTHERFUCKER I will have to pakrat those and re-upload AGAIN. GODDAMMIT FUCK


Okay, I re-uploaded it and the current version should have no missing textures.

Who needs Pakrat, go oldschool and bspzip it yourself

Another amazing release from miigga

Thats Mr. Miigga :saddowns:
Give him some respect.

Very nice Miigga. I spent the longest amount of time on the rope puzzle. I kept looking for a manhack to cut it with so I was kind of on the right track. And I also accidentally found the easter egg and “took care of it.” :wink:

[sp]That puzzle was originally meant to be solved by cutting the rope with a manhack. For some reason I couldn’t get the npc_maker to spawn manhacks indefinitely, so I put the axe there as an alternative way to cut the rope. You can cut the rope using either a manhack or the axe.[/sp]

Ugh, still lots of missing textures. One here, one there, lots. I’m playing it on vanilla EP2, downloaded from solidfiles.

Ugh, for some reason the textures I previously pakratted in the bsp have disappeared from the bsp.

I guess I’ll have to pakrat everything again and re-upload for the 3rd time. :sigh:


Done. That had better be the last time I have to do it.

Very nice, very nice. I played it through, though I failed with the puzzle with the 4 tiles. (Didn’t have textures. Probably downloaded at wrong time then. I noclipped that puzzle.)
I did find out there was the correct order (I guess?) behind the wall there, but even if I placed them correspondingly, it didn’t work. Bug or then I just failed.

Woohoo! Another puzzle map from MISTER Miigga! I’m going to check it out right away!

Just finished playing and I was able to finish it without problems (except for the wooden floor room… that one I had to try several times until I made it).
One thing bothered me though… I got such loads of ammunition but never needed it actually… but the map was great nonetheless and looked great! I love the way you do your lights.

[sp]You probably did what I did the first time. Take a look at the little tab near the front of the first set of tiles and compare it to the position of the one behind the wall.[/sp]

That was awsome! I managed all of the puzzels quite well i think. Love the cleverness of the last one and the one with the water;)
Well done mister Miigga