This is a singleplayer action & puzzle map for HL2: Episode Two. It’s meant to be played in HL2: Episode Two, but it also works in Gmod.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two is required for this map.

Download this map here:
Or here:


Download this map here:
Or here:

My previous singleplayer maps: (if you liked this one, you might also enjoy these)

Feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy this map.

Amazing. That tile floor opening is incredible.

downloadan time


it’s great so far.

[sp]well the ending was bland.[/sp]

Once again another brilliant release from Miigga

Spoiler tags man I’m supposed to find out it is bland myself

The picture of the hole in the floor looks really nice, gonna download and try it out.

love your puzzel maps and looking forward to this

Nice, although I have to ask, why do the majority of your maps have the word “cool” in it?

Because, its one of the words that describes his maps

The first map I released (shouldn’t have released that one, really) was named gm_coolbuild.

For some reason I kept using the word cool. Now it’s like a Miigga trademark of some sort.

Another puzzle map from the master, Good job, Loved your others!

Why does it say the files been reported on
anyways downloading…

Reported? It’s just a zip file with a bsp in it. It’s just as safe as any other download of mine. :raise:

(lost ability to talk due to sheer awesome epic sexy holy fuck man how the hell do you do this shit?-ness)

Nice map:D
Not as puzzly as the last one, but great anyways!
1 thing, the skybox is a bit too close in my opinion.

Great map. I hope you make something to follow this up.

Probably some angry 12 year olds that are jealous of your work.

The people in the section of Facepunch are wondering about all the reported files. Apparently there is some asshole going around and reporting files.


Apparently it is no longer marked as reported.

Hell of a map once again Migga.

It’d be pretty bitchin’ if you did a map like gm_coolpit except in with zombies in some abandoned building with wilderness around?


I thought if you reported a file you get your account banned for a week