Good day!
Some time ago I decided to make a house in the modern style of PlayStation Home. A modern house with only the necessary, but surrounded by a relaxing place.
Now, with more hours trying to discover what was wrong with X or Y than mapping, I present you Gm_Coolhouse (And yeah, I’m not the best choosing names…).
Useful for posing or just if you want to take a break between RDMs in DarkRP.
A little house in a little island. Discover it by yourself and let the HDR burn your eyes!

-Textures from Ajax and RealWorldTexture
-Skybox from Counter-Strike: Source
-All the custom models are from
-Water texture and palmtree leaves in the roof of the arbor are made by me 8D
-Special thanks to Stiffy360 from Facepunch and to Game Art Spain itself.


You may need Half-life 2: Episode 2
If you want the VMF to see how bad I’m optimizing or you want the Palmtree leaves or the water texture, Ask me!

Download link

is this your first map? if so, it’s pretty good.

No, I’ve made some, but not as good as this one.

I thought of a noob map when i read the title, but its realy good.

I’ve said it, I’m the worst choosing names D:

Niiice. You’ve got my download. I love tropical island resort type stuff, makes me reminiscent for the Philippines.

Looks nice other than the lighting from the ceiling fixtures.
It looks like you’re using a normal light entity when you should probably be using a light spot entity set really wide.

Fits the name, seems like a pretty nice map.

Thank you for trying it!
PD: I love them too, they’re so relaxing and quiet…

I didn’t like how it looked like with the light spots, but I’ll think it twice the next time.

Thank you, but I have to admit that I’ve should choose a better name…

A combination of both might be what you need.

Looks nice Hector. Are you able to provide another link for the map? I wouldn’t mind trying to use it in SFM.

Yeah, of course! But now I have to go to the bed, I’ll edit the OP tomorrow with a link to Dropbox, and please, show me the video if you finally use it ^^

Thats real nice of you man. Although I personally would only be using it for poses right now, if it goes smoothly, could always be used by people for animations.
Oh, does the map have HDR do you know? SFM only like maps with HDR enabled.

Now that I’ve actually explored the map, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Lighting is a bit harsh. Even with bloom adjustments, I have to wait to be able to see anything but white at some points.

  2. I’m getting a weird thing where, when I look at the pool from afar, it looks like a flat blue surface, and I have to get close to it for the pool to look like it has water in it.

  3. The bathroom has no toilet? Also the shower is missing a showerhead.

  4. A night version would be awesome, too.

Yep, a eye-burning HDR

  1. I don’t know how to adjust the brightness of the HDR, sorry :confused:

  2. I know, and again, I don’t know what happens there, or how to fix it.

  3. I always hated when I wanted to decorate a map and I had to remove everything, this is why there are no toilet nor shower head. (Also I couldn’t find a good showerhead model.

  4. Well, at least 3 people have asked it, but I hate using Pakrat, if more people ask for it, I’ll do it for sure.

Thank you!

The lighting is really overdone. Try finding a tutorial or two on HDR in Source.

Added another download link as Urbanator asked

I will, don’t worry, the next map will be better.