Name: GM_Cosygrass

Version: 1

Description: gm_cosygrass is a small, flatgrass-style map for small build servers or for singleplayer. It has a spawn area in the middle protected from minging. It has a medium-sized lake for boat-building, and a large area of grass for standard building. It has a high skybox for tall towers and forts.

Requirements: Half-Life 2, Garry’s Mod.




And a big thanks to all the people who gave me ideas for the map.

Map Icons
I made a map icon for this map, drop the vmf and vmt into garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/maps

Very nice, not a lot of build maps have that nice skybox and mood.

I like the evening style lighting.

Really cool for a beginner, You have applied knowledge of hammer well.

Thanks everyone :dance:

Also, if anyone comments on my spelling of cosy, I don’t give a fuck about america.


Also, check the original post as I made a nice map icon for it.

Nice map you got here

Extremely nice for one of your first maps. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hi :smiley:
I’ve tested it and I love it. It’s perfect for singleplayer. It has an incredibly short load time, it’s beautiful and the framerate on my shit computer is amazingly high. It is also very good for building any type of contraption.

Don’t use that brick texture, its ugly.
Otherwise, it’s nice.

Mmmk…that’s nice…

Anyways, it looks like a good start. I do see some parts you could improve (ie. Your hills and water look a little blocky and the tree looks awkard) I do see potential though.

Looks rather small, and the spawn area is quite blocky and lacking in detail.

Lighting is nice, but the lake needs to be more “smooth”, it’s too blocky. Maybe some more decoration in the spawn would help also.

Thanks for all the feedback.
I’m going to start on a v2 tomorrow, it’s 3:32AM now so I’ll just listen to some music for a while :c00l:

I’ll try more detail and less blockiness.

Is it me, or this guy looks like a alt of the OP?

I don’t see anything special about this map, other than the skybox texture. It’s not going to be a download for me.
The spawn area, and the water area looks blocky.

But anyway i hope v2, will be more “smooth”.

Nah, i was one of the testers before relased :slight_smile:

You’re all blind…

Consider it constructive criticism to make something decent instead of shit.

It appears that your map was not optimized. You need to apply the nodraw texture to all faces that are not visible.

Also, how did the tree grow in the concrete? :wink:

Pretty bland, and bad to be quite frank. I like the lighting, but really needs a lot of work, so it’s honestly not really release worthy.

SGninja, I see you have circled my 30fps.
I’d like you to know that I am on a £400 laptop with everything turned to max.