** Introduction **

So, I was really bored and I wanted to make something, so I saw request for map of CourtRoom. So I made it. It’s in russian style though, because I haven’t ever seen any other. (I am russian myself)
I made this in 1 day. Has few custom textures.
Don’t know about US or UK court rooms, but in russian the prisoner will be held in cell and will be answering questions from there.
Also sometimes in russia people will put photographs of president in frame. and put it on wall.

** Features **

40 Civilian Seats
Prisoner camera
3 Seats for Judges. (can squash in more)
3 seats for Lawyers. (can squash in more)
2 photographs of Russia Presidents, (Ex president V. Putin, and Current president D.Medvedev.)
Custom Textures

** Known Bugs **

Reflections may show different thing of what it is supposed to.
Some strange shadows.

** Developers notes **

Do not try to remove/move/delete/make invisible any of those doors, it may cause glitch.
I made few screenshots with characters in it :smiley: just to show you what can you do in it.
You can use it for:
Ragdoll Posing.
Just messing with stuff.
Also you can write me and I might allow you to add it to your rp, gm, map. (If you are making one)
I know it’s lighting is kinda poor, but well thats how I made it.

** Install **

Just put everything from archive into

X:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod
It should ask for replace, if it doesn’t then you did something wrong.

X = Your Drive Letter
username = your steam username
!!ATTENTION!! Your steam can be installed in other than Program Files folder.

** Download **

** ScreenShots **


Btw forgot, I told you will see screenshots of posing in map,
here is link

Tell me if im wrong but does that look like the place where George W. Bush got a face full of a pair of shoes?

Seems way to blocky and rushed. If it is a first map then good job, otherwise, meh. Spend more time on maps.

I think you should go through and kind of revise and put a little bit more detail into it.
Also, my Garry’s Mod is crashing when I load this map, any explanations?

Maybe you have shit pc? :stuck_out_tongue:


No it’s not first map. :stuck_out_tongue:


** Also I would like to get criticism only from people who make maps, not only fucking download them, because I am 100% sure someone who hasn’t made map can’t actually tell whats wrong with it. **

Great map but its need work and should be expanded to outside rooms and areas. As of know it is useful and nice looking but block and you should add that it was done for a request( I think). Не действуйте высокомерные.

Really blocky and bad textures.
(Don’t read blocky as square, but undetailed geometry)

It looks like something for halflife 1 or cs 1.6.

Align your textures, Be sure to add window frames, borders and stuff and rememeber to not only use the light entity. Use a combination of light_spot, light and env_sprites to make it look the best. Also turn on anti aliasing and turn off DoF when taking pictures.


That lamp, is hovering. That is a good example that you rushed the map and didn’t bother to fix errors.


  • It’s blocky.
  • Try creating the bars out of brushes, then func_detail them.
  • Very odd layout, but since it’s Russian and I’m US, it’s cool. The PHW Ban comics are good examples of American courtrooms if you ever need it.
  • Courtrooms generally are very expensive-looking, while this looks a bit run-down.
  • Some more ‘impressiveness’ calls, try a higher room with a possibly vaulted ceiling.
  • Oak is used lots in courtrooms.

Other then that, it serves its purpose, but doesn’t shine significantly.
And yes, I do map, but don’t judge by Arcanum. It’s ancient, and I don’t release maps do to laziness \ incompleteness.

In some courthouses there are many different floors like the main floor: courtroom/entrance, basement: holding cells and upper levels: jury room or there the holding cells can be found.

This. The lighting is terrible.

Oooooh Russian…I like it already (despite the lighting).

you need to do something about the lighting. I’m sure it could look quite nice if the lighting wasn’t so dull it borders on fullbright.

How many movie critics make movies?

Most use to before they became critics ether in school, small productions or etc.

You’re missing the point, it doesn’t take a chef to know how food tastes.

The map doesn’t look too bad, but I do agree with the others that the lighting is pretty boring and the court room looks pretty rundown. If you were to fix those things, it would be a nice courtroom map.

Could be interesting with a little more detail and better lighting, that link above should help you out.

You could make a Soviet one, you know, with Soviet flags and pictures on the walls. And the writing on the pictures could be Cyrillic instead of Latin.

Looks like just a part of a RP map.

i never knew they had jails in court, 7/10

what part of russia do u come from? cause my dad came from armenian territory and my mom to