Basically I am making this map for Squeegy Mackoy, but I am sure all of you would love to see it progress as time goes on. Hopefully this project is actually completed.

The whole idea is that there’s this little outpost in the middle of this forest called Coward’s Crevice where everyone retreats to (like the cowards they are). Squeegy has made it clear enough that this map is built to accommodate his mechs, or any kind of machinery for that matter.

A mech.

The whole idea behind this map is that Squeegy has his little bunker far away from Coward’s Crevice where he schemes and manufactures his stuff and finally emerges to tear the shit out of Coward’s Crevice.

To make things a little more interesting I have created some different scenarios that can occur inside Coward’s Creivce - one of these is a flood, filling the Crevice to the brim with lots of foamy particles, I won’t spoil the others but I am aiming for at least 5.

There are also going to be many allusions to the Mechwarrior series (I have no clue about 'em, Squeegy’s heading that department).

The surrounding area of Coward’s Crevice will be your token thick forest - I will try my hardest to make it geographically interesting taking my new found love for displacements into full effect. I will also include paths for Squeegy’s mechs or whatever you guys think up to navigate through. But be warned, some terrain is going to be particularly difficult to cross…


Coward’s Crevice, that wooden ladder leading up to the borked train is the only entrance / exit to Coward’s Crevice (unless you’re feeling a little ingenuitive that is…)

This, of course is the famed Coward’s Crevice Inn, take up a stool and drink yourself stupid while bombs and bullets whizz above you.

More of Coward’s Crevice’s main area.

You will find many things like this throughout the map.

Directly above Coward’s Crevice. All of those spotlights and the giant rotating spotlights are connected to a toggle incase the townsfolk feel the need to be a bit more discrete.

A dead train carriage acts as a hoist for some spotlights and a home for a resident.

The cellar of Coward’s Crevice Inn.

Updated Coward’s Crevice Inn sign.

So yeah - the one thing I hope to gain most of all from this thread apart from improvements on the map are suggestions and ideas. Hopefully this thread acts as a pool for those.

Oh, almost forgot.

Squeegy’s Wierd Mech Story Thing

I dunno the reason behind the bad voice actors, but what you have looks great.

HDR adds a nice touch in this map.

Awww, I feel loved :love:

I quite like the cosy cramped up feeling you give to your maps.

Agreed, it handles dark areas much much better than LDR - and that’s especially important in this map.

I like your style and terrain.

Why thankyou.

Looking good!
The only issue I see with it is I don’t think the “Cowards Crevice Inn” signs really blend in. Other than that it looks like it’s coming along nicely :v:

Reminded me of Little Lamplight Caverns in the first shot.

Looks good though, looks a little small though.

Little lamplight is inspiration.

Because i like "middle of the nowhere"places and places build at strange/uncommon terrain/area.

I’m jealous. You succeeded in creating an atmosphere I really love. Props to you man!

Can’t wait to try this out. :excited:

Message to short.

Simply amazing.
BUT i don’t like the Inn texture.
Doesn’t look real.

Reminds me of the end of bioshock in that first picture… the levels where you are in the overgrown place.

Yes, this style is inspired from the feel I get from 80’s movies. This kind of atmosphere which is clustered and there’s just enough room to navigate in.

As Squeegy said my maps are tight and cozy, this is probably because in real life I love tight and cozy places.


If you’re talking about the Inn sign decal, that is a heavy WIP - I know it doesn’t match. I am probably going to turn it into some streaky white paint.

thank god :smiley:

I remember this game(s)…

I remember using atlas with all slots gauss cannons :v:


but then, i reformatted my hdd, and then forgot to reinstall it, and then the disk got scratched…

Can’t wait! Ask me if you need anything :excited:

Updated main post with the new Coward’s Crevice Inn sign.

nice decal :smiley:
i have that font :v: