Gm_Creeper (Official)

Hello :smiley:
Im sorry if this seems rushed and slightly bad text, but im annoyed because i wrote loads for this then my internet froze and i lost it all.

Ok Gm_creeper is supposed to be a scary map for Rp, posing or building.

Here is the link:

The map includes:
Ample building space
A hotel with
9 rooms
A panic room
Freaky hallways
Reception area

It also has an outhouse
Freaky statue of horse (including penis)
Plenty of trees

A sewage plant with:
Creepy tunnels
Sewage pipes
Generator room
Controll room

The map also has
A creepy soundscape+ skybox
Areas to build
Some secrets

I would like to thank
Dave for helping me with ideas and testing it
Swat player for some ideas and testing it
Dr freeman and preecher for feedback

Here are some pictures



Sewage plant door

Second floor of the hotel

First floor of the hotel

Panic room closed

Panic room open

Sorry about the low image quality my computer sucks
Well i might add some more pictures later
But for now i hope you download and please leave a comment

it’s ok but it’s too blocky for me

The wall textures in 4 and five look a bit stretched.

It is a little but its mainly just cause i use my graphics at a realy low setting

Very blocky. Next time add some detail to you map.
Also the light are coming from no where - add a few light props to make it look better. Nice job actually adding lighting.
Is this your first or second or etc. map?

Hmm. Work on the exterior. Maybe put more trees in it and some ruined cars.
Add details to the walls and in the corners

Looks blocky, and fullbright. Also try running on highest when taking screenshots.

its not his quality its the textures that are stretched.

Make sure the textures are not stretched i think thats what the problem is. plus use a light model and light_spots instead of just lights. makes it look better.

Nope, he sead this:

oh okay gotcha my bad hahah

That panic room remembers me of something in The Specialists.

You don’t put a ceiling texture on the floor.

Very blocky, no light sources, bad texturing.


Use the clip tool to shave off corners and add curves. Use of props can also be implemented to make areas feel lived in, and decals can be used to make an otherwise boring wall look a bit more interesting.

Light Sources:

How many lights do you see that appear from nowhere. Add light props.


I see a lot of ill fitting, stretched textures. The main blast door is covered in haz. Use haz sparingly, and make the brush the right size for the door.

The other point is that it is devoid of anything. There is no clutter, no trees, no…anything.

Overall: Needs Work.

You even made a comment on the panic room, that shit’s lighted, dewd.

This is not a map I would download, because it’s small, cramped, blocky, has weird lightning, and misplaced textures. If you fix that, I might give it a shot.

Thanks, uhm its my second map. But my first map was such a failure that i want to forget it.


Its not fullbright


Thanks very much I will get to work on fixing it :slight_smile:


Ok so if i got back and fix all theese, can i count on your download?


Whats haz?

I can feel the atmosphere on this map. It’s like I’m really there experiencing it. Unfortunately I had to turn it off after about 2 minutes because it was just TOO real and made me scared, also my eyes were bleeding.
In short, I don’t like it and it looks terrible.

Well thanks for playing it anyway

haz texture. The hazard lines on that door…use it in small amounts around the border of tthe door, or a bit on the floor. That texture looks much better when used very sparingly.

Oh thanks. I got rid of it and used a combine metal. Ive added many more props to the rooms etc, ive added props for the lights. and changed the panic room textures. But i dont know how to decal?

This needs serious fixing, lighting is bad, the map is blocky and it looks like a HL1 map in some places.