A very huge map filled with loads of cubes. Basicly a build map…



[/li][li]Huge skybox (around 2k brushes)
[/li][li]Night version
[/li][li]Underground level
[/li][li]Contains custom textures

[li]When playing with max anti alias in underground level you will see some weird lines on the ground. Pictures of the bug:
[li]When nocliping through any side of the map your game will crash.

LightningX151 (making the map)
Unknown°SOLDIER (beta testing)


Reminds me a lot of Minecraft.
I love the lighting.

derp it be blocky derp.

On a serious note, very nice lighting and the colorscheme is excellent. It really pops out.


Finally…something different. Looks quite interesting.

Original, cell-shaded, awesome skybox, this map has everything!

Didn’t expect that people might enjoy it so much, thanks for all nice comments.

Needs more penis shaped lakes (like on your previous map)

It would have my download if I still had Gmod. :smiley:

blocky :smiley: but pretty nice

I found it impossible to tell where the map ended.

Now we just need sphere land!


This only happens on the cubeland maps(both night and day).

My guess is your texture registry (or whatever it’s called) has been corrupted, replacing whatever texture the map uses with… that. Try verifying your game cache?

Fantastic map, by the way. If only it filled the space occupied by the skybox!

Didn’t work.

I was expecting a flatgrass with a cube in the middle :stuck_out_tongue: but this is something nice and original.

Looks pretty awesome, if a little difficult to make use of (maybe good for testing walkers?)

But those are cuboids, not cubes :3

Very unique and original idea.

Excellent map! I really enjoy the lighting, especially the underground area on the night version. Also, noclipping outside the map not only crashed the game, but also crashed my graphics drivers, which I found interesting.

This shouldn’t be so awesome… But it is :buddy:

I say blocky.