Hello, this is my Second map I Made. Hope you like it.

Name: gm_da_big_room
Discription:This map I made has a table,chair,trashcan that has a lid that opens and closes, a mouse hole in the wall, a secrect hideout.
Requirements: Garrysmod
Size when unziped:1.31 MB
Author of Map: ExtremeSurvivor

Please take a look at it and hope you like what you see and download it.

Leave your comments about the map and tell me if you liked it or not and why.
Thank you

It looks a bit simple, and bit blocky and the textures repeat a lot. But at least it’s not fullbright.

You could add details to the legs ot the table, add more random clutter on the floor, put some shelves or something on the walls. And is the light just a floating spot? Or does it have a source? If not, add one.

thanks for the comment. And i would like to say that i am getting better at mapping cause if you look at my first one it isnt as good as this one. oh and i like the shelves idea. Im working on the lighting, trying to make it look more realistic.

Awesome, I hope you can find something fitting.

It’s like a Rats map
But worse
It desperately needs details, the textures look bland and the lighting is dull.
Also, i don’t really think it looks like a normal room.

esrande, well thanks for the comment even though it was a negative. But im making a MUCH better map and the things you told me, i will work on. i hope for you to try this next one and tell me what you think.

no pics no clicks

Click on the link and you’ll get your pics.

o thx



-Crappy Texturing
-Pretty Bland Looking

By the way, Making new map much more detailed, not blocky, more relistic, and texturing is better.
so when i finish it, take a look at it. oh and for this map did you think it was to small ? just wondering.

Go to my new map

That new map is even worse! Some textures (Windows) don’t even repeat properly, they just go off the edge. Don’t even make a thread for it, it’ll just get flamed.

just align the textures a bit better, will look much better

ok, i would have fixed it if i saw the mistakes.

Seriously slow the fuck down with your maps. You’re rushing them way too much. You have alot of good ideas, but they’re all riddled with mistakes and easily catch-able mistakes.