I asked a friend for a map idea and he said a farm (he was playing Harvest Moon :P) so I made one that was in the middle of nowhere, and made it a little combine controlled.

It’s a work in progress, I’m still trying to figure out 3D skyboxes, and I want to make the lighting look better, because in some places (mainly the barn) it looks like shit. So I’m still learning Hammer. :uhaul:

EDIT: For some reason, the shed and generator outside screenshot is not working properly, so that’s the only screenshot not posted.

The ground level part of the map is around 80% complete.
The underground is only 40% complete.

I’m for certain fix all the lighting that looks like crap

Here is this video, in case people don’t go down the thread.

Blocky and has no purpose. You were at least able to make it not fullbright which is a good start. Add more and give it a purpose and then come back.

It does have a purpose, if you could read the Youtube description is that the harvest is in a drought and the combine have taken the farm from the original owner. I’m not finished with it yet, but I did it all without a real mouse and just my shitty laptop one and that still took around 2 hours last night, so I’ll work on making it less blocky today.

I want to work on the fence a little because it looks bad, and the entrance I agree looks blocky. I’m going to work more on the house today, and change the skybox to something like a sunset.

Okay well yes i do see a purpose now. you keep stating its a farm but all i see is 2 buildings. no offense it does not look much like a farm to me. but keep up the work i guess

i read his description, its a build map. better than flatgrass i must say.

The lighting is ugly, it looks undetailed and not really useful.
There are better flatgrass clones out there, add something unique and interesting to you’re map otherwise no one would use it.
Try and make it look actually like an abandoned farm, not just two blocky buildings on a plane of sand

Try making a Combine energy fence instead of a huge block thing.

Yeah, I wanted to make a map that was more like Flatgrass but better in looks, as well as some realism. I added some storage silos, changed the textures of both the barn and the shack, and I added another building in a different corner.

I’m going to do that after I figure out the 3D skybox that will make it look more like a desert.

How is that map realistic?

Looks like a map for Counter-Strike 1.6, not Source.

More or less this

Did u even made 3D Skybox O_o ?

I know the combine can’t seem to stop a rampant physicist running riot with a crowbar, but what would possess them to storm a desert compound, shoot the probably elderly farmer then fortify a square piece of sand. It appears to have no farm like qualities (unless they export sand to the electronics industry), no tactical value (unless they have sand blasters) and no real shelter value (barns won’t stop mass murdering scientists).

They were bored.

Like I said, I was planning on updating the map, and I did over the past couple days. I got a new weekend job so I had to wait till the new week started for some time to update the thread. Posting pictures soon.

EDIT: Updated Video.

It’s blocky, so you need to work on that. That is your top priority. Make the floor a displacement. Add a fenced off area, for cattle, but make is look deserted and old. Have more realsitic lighting.

Other than that, it looks good. Keep working on it, and if you’re serious about it, post updates you’ve made here.

i like the idea, try putting some combine-esqe things around it (like fortified towers) and a “secret room full of goodies” for a reason the combine took over

Later on I was hoping to make some underground area, but I need to get the top finished. I didn’t want it ending up as just another rp_csdesert, but that was what my original reason why the combine came to the area.

Oh, by the way to all the people who are asking why it has no 3D skybox is because it doesn’t really need one because it’s out in the desert.

But if you have really faint fog, then make a HUGE 3D skybox, then it will look like it goes on forever.

Im like the only person who has supported him from the start, it definatley looks like a promising build map