Hi, some of you may recognize this map from a while back. I have been working on this map on and off for nearly 5 years(I know it’s not much for 5 years work). I think it’s about to time finish it. I would like to get your opinion. If you have time please download the map and try it out.

Please let me know what you think. Does anything look out of place? Should I add more detail etc…

Requires: Half Life 2, Ep 1 & Ep 2.


Download (2.4MB):
Unzip to “X:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR_STEAM_NAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps”

Not got WinRar?

Lighting is pretty boring. The geometry is kind of blocky, but it fits its purpose. A nice map, needs a little bit more work and detailing.

It has potential, but as Eyefunk said, the lighting is boring at the geometry is quite blocky.

Have an artistic, just to keep you going.

Yeah, I agree the lighting isn’t great. I’m going to add some various lights and light sources to make it more interesting. Now I’ve almost mastered using displacements without them looking blocky Ive added cliffs along the back of the map which connect seemlessly to the 3d sky box giving a “infinite effect”.

I have quick question… is there a way to add a nice moon in the sky? Like maybe using a sprite? If you know of a tutorial that would be great.

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Here’s some progress screenshots. I’ve added the cliff’s, added some distant details and changed the environment light direction… although I feel it feels too light now or is it just me?

I’ve hit a bit of a mappers block. The main building as most of you say looks “blocky”. What do you recommend to do that would give it more of a realistic look?

That looks fantastic, it just needs more detail and time spent on it. I love the idea behind the lighting, the environment light looks great, but it needs some (more?) lamps on the island. It could also be made to look more stormy, that would be brilliant.

Fantastic progress, just keep working on it.

I’ve seen this map in Zombie Survival before.

Try putting some pipes, gutters, control boxes, decals and other stuff on walls which are blocky, also the stone path doesn’t look right just being straight

Yeah, I was thinking that when I looked at my screen-shoots. I also thought why is most of the path there anyway? A lot of the design of this map originated from my original dm_deathrock map which was made for Half Life 1: Death Match. Back then it was just a simple DM map but now it’s being built for a new game mode myself and a few friends are working on(more info on this will follow).

I’m loving the feedback so far. Thank you all.

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Yeah, it was rolled out on a few servers a few years back. But it was only in BETA stages and had a few places where people could hide and kill zombies without being attacked.

Here’s another update. Some more screenshots and a video.

Thoughts so far? I know it badly needs optimizing, I will be adding area portals and stuff soon. I may change the cliffs to models too.

looks awesome.
I assume this is an abandoned/destroyed prison?

Hey, I think I played this once before too. I would work on the tower next.

Not really. I just made it up as I went. Although now I am adapting it to be used for a new Gamemode, this map will be a rebel base.

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Yeah, those towers are still from the original map from HL1. They need bringing upto date.

Here’s another update on the progress of my map. I’m in the process of optimizing the map as some areas get very low FPS. Here is some new screenshots. Also, I have included some screenshots of the original death_rock map I started for HL1 with Worldcraft. I managed to setup WC and compile the original map so here some screenshots so you can compare.

Original Death Rock for HL1 DM

Latest Screenshots for Remake

I will be releasing a beta version soon, who would be interested in testing this map for me. I need people who have a reasonable knowledge of mapping and know what to look for. Any help will be credited.

This is the old ZS map reforged?

Erm. No, this was originally a dm map for half life. I did upload an early version to Which then appeared on a few zs servers.