gm_degenerate [BETA 2]

Over the last few months, I’ve been working long hours on this map. I didn’t even intend to go anywhere with this map in the first place, but I got interested by idea I had behind the map, and got to work.
Since then, I’ve expanded a mere small, low-detail room into a large, full-fledged map that I’ve been putting my all into.
However, this map is only in its second beta stage. There may be several bugs, missing details, room for improvement, etc.
But of course, that’s why I’m making this a beta. So all of you can see the stages of development in this map, give me suggestions, help me improve, and all that jazz.
I hope you all enjoy the map. Constructive criticism is welcome! :smile:
Anyhow, if you’re interested, take a spin of the map here:

Here are a few images of the map, more are available on the workshop page:

Also, the map has any textures you might need.
So, you can just play this map right out of the box, without CS:S/EP2/etc.