so this is a remake of the original gm_desertdriving map I posted a couple of years ago, decided to remake it recently and give it a little more detail and spice. I’m hoping to update the map with AI nodes at some point to allow NPC’s but the map is mainly for Building, Aircraft and Vehicles.

I’ve been making designs for the desert driving remake since the start of the year and have recently finished it, it has been released to workshop with all content provided in two other packs. It would be good to get some feedback on issues and how the map performs, it’ll probably be used mostly for ACF combat and I’m wanting to make sure the make is optimised enough to provide decent FPS

Map link:
Collection link:

Map features:
*- an Underground buildzone with rooms, the doors have area portals

  • two elevators to the surface, the doors at the top have area portals aswell
  • Desert terrain with sand dunes, bumpy terrain, high hills and craters
  • A silo for ICBM’s
  • A control room for the silo (the silo door doesnt close since I had some issues with the reverse animation)
  • two hangars for medium sized aircraft
  • An ATC tower that is enterable - the radar can be controlled from inside
  • a 3d skybox with a harrier that flies by every 10 minutes*


A sequel I see…

Awesome work !

I’m working on a desert map like this and couldn’t make a propper 3D skybox, the one you made just summs up all my efforts in a while. Would you mind sharing how did you make it ? I’m using heightmaps from USGS, L3DT and dispgen but so far I could not achieve this level of quality.

Or do you mind if I use your contents ?

the mountains and stuff is a model that Blackmesa used in, what i want to say Surface tension at the cliffs - I pretty much placed the model under the map, then made the terrain look like it continued and sort of blended in with it, then added a little fog to just help it blend a bit better… it took awhile to get it looking semi-decent

they have three models that that can be used for it, if you type in skybox for models it’ll appear near the bottom!

Oh, I didn’t have noticed those were models from black mesa. Nice then! I’ll take a look. Thanks

Kinda reminds me from a map from mechwarrior living legends.

Petty nice looking map.