I made up a new map.
It’s just another terrain map.
I might add on some more later - but this is it for now.

Yay you used a heightmap, better than spending hours on a displacement only to have it look like shit. Pretty good, now add some stuff on it like buildings or roads.

HOLY. Looks great, but where’s the DL? This is in the Releases, you know.

No download link to a release map, in a release section . Hmmm something wrong here.

Sorry about the download.
I had edited the images because they were huge and didn’t realize that the download link had been accidentally deleted.

Looks like mars.

Time to test my Mars vehicles and pose alien stuff :science:


Mars is green nowadays? Damn.

Pointy displacements.

It only looks good because of the pre-baked lighting.

This looks awesome for driving around in. If you’re making a 2.0, then a building or flat area for building would be nice.


You should make a big island like hawaii :slight_smile:

That’s what makes it realistic! No more smooth hills, pointy mountains is where it’s at!

Looks really good. Add 3D skybox and this’d be perfect for, you know, stuff.

mines better

dont mind my fps, i just have a crappy laptop

Release it?

I was a little disappointed with the map, its pretty small.
If you made to the size of say gm_atomic, it would be awsome.

I’ll take that into consideration.

Needs more underground caves.

You know, I was thinking about that, but I wouldn’t have the slightest clue of where to start.