This is actually my second map ever for a Source engine game! It’s a build map for Garry’s Mod only.
The map is already a bit old, but I didn’t dare to post it here until now.


• Approx. 70% of the space of gm_flatgrass
• Heavily optimized
• Ground and air nodes for navigation
• Swimming pool
• Custom models and textures
• No cubemaps for performance reasons




• Contains a few textures and models from Left 4 Dead
• Door models are replicas of Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike doors
• Uses a free (!) texture from (



PS: What is the correct bb code to make a text red?

[highlight ][/highlight ]

remove the spaces... anyway, nice map :D

Erm… What?

That’s extremely hot for your second attempt at a source map. I presume you’ve worked with other engines before this?

Also, what about cubemaps? I’ve never heard anything about performance issues using them.

Er…Rainbow 6 Vegas Anyone?!

If there’s no env_cubemaps that’s very bad. The map will use the deafult cubemaps and the reflections will look like ass.


I forgot to mention that it was inspired by a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 map.

I didn’t think it looked that bad. The only thing that really bugs me is the reflections on the windows, which were nearly invisible using cubemaps, probably due to the lighting. There was also a huge performance drop with cubemaps, when looking at the villa from the edge or corner of the map.

Right now it’s running at 60-100 FPS for me when I look at the villa from far away. I was aiming for the best possible performance as it’s supposed to be a build map.

lol i assumed it was inspired by a recent trip to Palm Springs

Awesome map.

great map bro.

I have seen this somewhere…