[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_deserthills

[tab]Version:[/tab] 0.5

[tab]Description:[/tab] Desert Map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] HL2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Name: Quadeye | Xhizors Maps Server
IP Address:
Map: gm_reaction[/release]

Hey, this is gm_deserthills beta 1. I thought I would release this map in its beta stage so people get the idea of what I’m trying to achieve. I would like suggestion to what buildings and other stuff could be added to the map for the final version. Enjoy and play nice.
WARNING: Map takes up full grid. May lag if you look towards the centre of the map from a long distance.

There is a very, very hard easter egg in this map. Good luck solving it.

All files included.

Please comment and rate and let me know what I can include in the final version.

Looks bit plain at the moment, maybe add a large central building, a tower of some sort…

And maybe an airport for plane construction?

I could add an old acient building to the centre of the map and yeh i could add an airport to.


Oh, you’re the guy that made reaction :wink:

Not changing the subject here, but good job on that, Failure says it’s the official map of Gbombs, i’m the modeller for that :slight_smile:

Oh, sweet. I love that mod! lol. I have always wanted to learn to model.

Add me on steam.


Will do later. I need to go to bed. It’s getting late in australia. lol.

Pfft. Not that late (NSW) :smiley:
Anyway, as mentioned already the map looks sort of “plain”, but I suppose deserts are like that in reality. To improve it you could try adding things like ruins and bunkers, other than that it looks good!

Some textures are really badly stretched.

Looks groovy

Should probably make the hills a bit more subtle, both for playability and lighting concerns.

Like this, for instance (terrible shot):

While retaining the same depth, the hills are much more gradual and subtle, creating some nice lighting and allowing players to traverse the area like a dune rather than a mountain, if that makes sense. Think of it more like waves in an ocean rather than hills on a mountain.

This also makes it easier to place buildings and structures.

Deserts sanddunes moves around alot, wich makes them very smooth.
I think you should decrease the amount of dunes, and smooth up the displacements.

Ground Texture:
The ground texture looks very bleak, but it could be the light.
Try to make a blendtexture with both sharp and smooth textures.
This will make it non-repetive and still look sharp and nice.

Skybox Texture:
I think the one you have right now makes the map look dark and not as nice as it could look.
Try to go for a clear, bright and blue sky.

The reminds me of Tribes: Starsiege a lot. Now i want to play that game now!

Good work however on the desert, texturing needs work.

I agree with Hellsteen.

It looks like a map out of the game “Army men” actually…

You could have done much better :confused:

This is the exact same thing I thought when I saw the empty mountains of gm_reaction, when it was in dev stage. GM really needs some jetpacks and spinfusors :stuck_out_tongue:

The skybox would look better with the Militia skybox in my opinion, since the current one looks like a storm is rolling in ( and conflicts with the lighting to me ).

The cliff-wall texture also looks a bit stretched and the dunes are lumpy.

Other than those, this looks excellent. Nice job.

Make me some caves. :3:

This would be awesome if you added some underground areas to the sides of mountains.

this map looks great for offroad races! Got my download

Look at them hills! Sexy hills. I’d even call them dunes.

I’m so glad i was not the only one! lol