Not a release, But i need some help, and decided to post the starts here

In that picture, You begin in the Dev textured area and then break out of the screen

Things to do:
Make the screen better (I would love to fix the stripes, But there are no solid colors)
Add Lights (The place is so big that the lights are puny)
Make the 3D skybox better, Like adding chairs and possibly people
Finish the keys on the Keyboard (They are roughly in the right place)


Good start with the keyboard, but what you can do about the screen, is take a screenshot of yours and convert it into a texture and retrace all your brushwork based off that texture.

What you can do about lighting is make the room dark and have the screen “glow” so to speak. Just set a few high powered light_spots to project onto the desk as if the screen was illuminating it.

Also an idea, turn some of the keys into buttons and have them do some crazy stuff to the desktop.

I was going to make the esc button, when stood on, would close off “Hammer” and show a background


Oh, And i cant texture for shit, So i made the desktop with brushes

I would suggest you to make a keys a bit more shaped. Like going from Thick into a bit slim

See they are not just blocks.

And make a monitor more round. Unless it’s a monitor from 1st pentium.

I’m saying use the texture as a placeholder and trace over it with brushes. And then when you’re done, remove the texture.

I suggest tie the mouse to func_physbox and the mouse cord make it an actual rope.

@ arleitiss

Good ideas, But i realy cant be bothered to shape each key, I will round the screen though

@ dj_night

No, I don’t what the mouse movable, Because i am making it for Sassilization (Search for the website)


Meh, How could i do such a thing?


Can anyone help me with the lighting issues? I cant seem to make the screen glow

You could shape 1, then just copy.

And order them all again?

No thanks


wow you’re not going to get anywhere in mapping if you can’t do small things like that.

Little things?

It took me quite a while to get them ordered correctly, Acording to my keyboard

Kk, I will try

Thanks to Cameleot to


Also, When you stand on the esc button a few times BSOD

Don’t be lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Copy and paste them ontop of the old ones then remove the old keys after you have placed the new ones.


is your keyboard keys away from each other? is ur keyboard concrete? hmm use custom textures

Son… I am disappoint.

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i am working on that, Making the skybox a little more realistic at the moment


Also, Why is op late X2 ?