Here is an upcoming map i have been working on over the past day or so. Basically it is going to have fallout content. I will see what i can do for working vaults. There will definitely be underground bases. So far right now i can the landscape. Next i am going to start working on the bases and structures for the towns. I really have enjoyed playing post - apocalyptic maps such as atomic and decided to try one for myself.

Here are some Pictures of the progress:

Now this is still in early stages so take that into consideration.

Credits & Permission for what i have so far:

  • Agent Cobra

** C & C PLEASE **

Meh… right now its just some peoples props and some iffy displacements… i think it could have used alot more work before post

You are going to have to be careful with the props as it is a different art style to that of hl2. You also don’t seem to have got the idea of urban decay yet either. The jukebox and nuka cola machine need to be placed in ruins of a building at the very least, not just randomly in some sand. There needs to be some idea that humans once lived there, or were moving things around.

lol those props are just there to show i’m going to use fallout props. there not going to be there lol. and yea already planned a village. destroyed of course.

At the moment you don;t really have much to show. Hell, i’ve got more built on rp_annihilation

You didn’t have to add random props to your map to ‘show’ us you’ll be using fallout 3 models, you could just have written it into your post.

Aside from that it looks somewhat boring and could, as already stated above, need some ruins and some signs there were humans around. Maybe by adding some shabby shacks that had been built at the spot?

Grr… I already had this name for a map…

The lighting is to dark

I like how 3/4 of the pictures are done by me :v:

Can you show some more than just a couple of props and displacements?

So we get a better idea what the map looks like/will look like

can you make a version for a low end computer,i dont know how big its gonna be,but it would be nice to be able to run a fallout themed map without BSOD

It doesn’t look Devastated.

If you want a working Vault door for your Vault then look at the one in rp_cscdesert_v2-1** as an idea so you can make your own**. It has a turning vault door underground just like in Fallout 3.

Watch the start of this video to see the Vault door opening in rp_cscdesert_v2-1.

Did you just imply ripping Supercow’s door out of his map? Maybe things have changed since I lurked here but that’s about the worst thing you can do.

One of the most beautiful moments in gmod mapping history… aaah… :clint:

yeah i agree and besides the vault in that map could be better the interiors nice but the door could be better

No I meant looking at vmf of that map and seeing how he made the door function and using that idea to make your own, I don’t just mean taking the door out that map and pasting it into his. I’ll change my previous post so you’ll understand.

Show me a nicer vault door made in hammer, and show me better vault door movement in hammer. The only things I ould see that could be made better are the klaxon lights and the control panel.

He could use the Vault door model from the Fallout 3 - Vault Pack

Looks like land of the lost.